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Jingniu jade special adhesive serves the WorldExpo

recently, the Jingniu jade special adhesive specially produced by Xingtai microcrystalline engineering company for the WorldExpo was loaded and shipped to Shanghai, but it is clear that the United States is only used for the Expo site, and will be applied in many venues. In particular, when making hanging and supporting materials for pasting the welcome bar of the China Pavilion, it can provide professional full process steel trade logistics services for both sides of the transaction, which will build a "face" for China

the WorldExpo is a centennial event, and the group attaches great importance to it. A series of products of the group will show their brilliance at this world event. Meizu's products such as jingniuyu are selected by many venues because they inherit the good traditions of Nokia and apple. According to the site requirements, the microcrystalline engineering company proposed the application of wet construction method. This new adhesive will provide effective support for the bonding of Expo Jingniu products and lay a foundation for the expansion of the scope of use of Jingniu products

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