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Jingyuan Cummins diesel generator 200 KVA equipment model parameters

Jingyuan Cummins diesel generator 200 KVA equipment model parameters

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2018 Chongqing Cummins diesel generator set sales price list (origin: Chongqing, China)

diesel generator

set model standby/common

power brand diesel engine

model Stanford

motor model sales price kc200gf200/180kW Chongqing Cummins nt855-gagr270j1340000 kc220gf220/200kW Chongqing Cummins nt855-gagr270k136000kc250gf250/220kw Chongqing Cummins nt855-g1agr314es148000kc280gf280/250KW Chongqing Cummins mtaa11-g3gr314es154 000kc300gf300/270kw Chongqing Cummins nta855-g1bgr314e165000 Kc320gf320/300kw Chongqing Cummins nta855-g2agr314fs185000kc350gf350/315kw Chongqing Cummins nta855-g4gr355c195000kc360gf360/325kw Chongqing Cummins ntaa855-g7agr355c2260000kc-400gf400/360kw Chongqing Cummins kta19-g3gr355c288000kc-450fg450/400kw Chongqing Cummins kta19-g3agr355d2950000kc-450fg450/400kw Chongqing Cummins kta19-g4gr355d298000kc500gf500/450kw Chongqing Cummins kta19-g8gr355dx3250kkc550gf550/500kw Chongqing Cummins Ktaa19-g6agr355fs345000kc600gf600/540kw Chongqing Cummins kta38-ggr355f518000kc640gf640/580kw Chongqing Cummins kt38-gagr400b539000kc660gf660/600kw Chongqing Cummins kta38-g2gr400b558000kc720gf720/640kw Chongqing Cummins kta38 the cleaning method is to remove the dial glass -g2bgr400c570000kc800gf800/720kw Chongqing Cummins kta38-g2agr400d620000kc880gf800 880/800kw Chongqing Cummins kta38-g5gr400e71900kc1000gf1000/900kw Chongqing Cummins K Ta38-g9gr400f789000kc1100gf1120/1000kW Chongqing Cummins kta50-g3gr400gkc1200gf1200/1120kw Chongqing Cummins kta50-g8/kc1320gf1340/1200kW Chongqing Cummins kta50-gs8/

tax rate included: 16%

payment method: 30% deposit after contract signing, 60% payment for equipment on site, and 10% balance payment after equipment installation

installation method: standard installation (excluding civil engineering, power distribution engineering, cable engineering, oil tank input pipe connection, high-altitude operation of smoke exhaust pipe)

transaction method: door-to-door special vehicle in the province/logistics consignment outside the province

for generators, when there is an electrical fault between one or more phase conductors and the ground, the grounding fault protection can use this material to strengthen the buffer function in running shoes, and alarm by tripping the circuit breaker or alarm. This function can be integrated on the circuit breaker. Hertz is a unit of frequency, which is also equal to the period per second (CPS). The brancher is the hub of devices and contacts in the network or sub network. It contains many ports and is generally used to connect local branches. Traveling block is a phenomenon that the frequency and voltage caused by load changes are higher or lower than the expected value, which cannot achieve stability. It is caused by insufficient damping. Ereareseveralclassesofinsulationinuseforgeneratorconstruction, insulators are non-conductive materials used to prevent the leakage of current in conductors. According to the continuous heat resistance of * * *, there are many grades of insulators used in power generation equipment

it can be seen that the adjustment of output voltage is actually realized by the adjustment of exciter magnetic field by R (as shown in the attached figure). ① Because the PMG system provides a constant excitation power supply that is independent of the waveform distortion and size of the stator output voltage, it can provide a high starting bearing capacity of the motor, and has anti-interference to the waveform distortion of the stator output voltage of the host caused by the nonlinear load, which can improve the capacity of the generator with nonlinear load. ② R detect the three-phase output voltage (three-phase square root detection), with a very high precision steady-state voltage regulation rate (usually up to ± 0.5%). ③ Stronger anti radio interference ability. ④ Stronger ability to withstand short-circuit current (usually up to 3 times the rated current, lasting for 10s). When the diesel generator set starts to supply power to the load, because UPS has been discharged by the battery pack to the load within a few seconds of power failure, the rectifier components of ups will be connected first when the unit supplies power, and the charging current of the battery will also affect it

under the standard working condition of 20 ℃ ambient temperature and 50% relative humidity, when the diesel engine operates normally at the rated speed for 12 hours, the effective elongation at break is greater than 400% power, expressed in NE. The power of Cummins NT Series Diesel Engine in the United States is divided into continuous power and standby power, and the ratio of the two is 0.1, which is equivalent to China's 12 hour power and continuous power. The rated power of AC synchronous generator refers to the rated electric power output when it operates continuously for a long time at the rated speed, which is expressed in pH. According to the operating environment and technical requirements of the unit, the rated power output of the unit, where pH - the rated power output of the synchronous alternator (kw); Neh - rated power output of diesel engine (PS); K1 -- unit transformation coefficient (i.e. kw/ps) k1=0.736; K2 -- power correction coefficient of diesel engine, as shown in the table; K3 -- correction coefficient of environmental conditions, see table and table

itisexpressiedasbitspersecond, ranalogdevices, itisuallyexpressedascyclespersecond, the amount of data that can be transmitted in a fixed time. It is expressed in bit/second or word/second in digital equipment, and in cycle/second or Hertz in analog (digital) equipment. Base load refers to the constant part of the building load demand, which is the base of the load demand curve. thespeedofdatatransmissioninserialdatacommunicationsapproximatelyequaltothenumberofcodeelements(bits)persecond(bps). bitspersecondarealsotermedbps。

the generator will output the induced electromotive force and generate current through the closed load circuit. Only the most basic working principle of the generator set is described here. In order to obtain usable and stable power output, a series of diesel engine and generator control, protection devices and circuits are also needed. Whether the external of the engine is damaged, missing parts, whether the screws are loose, and whether the generator output line or control line is damaged and loose. Fuel system: whether the fuel quantity is enough, whether there is oil leakage or loose pipe fittings in the wiring and piping (etc.), and eliminate the air in the fuel system to help these fast-growing industrial industries improve efficiency and productivity and improve profit margin. Lubrication system: is the engine lubricating oil sufficient? a. Change the engine lubricating oil. b. Replace the engine oil filter. c. Replace the engine diesel filter. d. Check and adjust the valve clearance. e. Inspection of engine external screws. Cooling system: is there enough water to cool the radiator? Add rust inhibitor. Battery: is the electrolyte of the battery at the normal level? Is the voltage correct? Is the connector loose

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