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On June 4, 2014, Shenzhen Jingpin exhibition Culture Communication Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jingpin exhibition) signed a contract with Keyou software to use Keyou CRM system to integrate enterprise customer resources, promote business process standardization, and enhance customer satisfaction. But what we need to do is to resolve and enhance the influence of the enterprise brand through what situation

Jingpin exhibition company is a cultural enterprise that specializes in holding and undertaking exhibitions, conferences, activities and publications. Since its establishment in 2006, the company has adhered to learning the advanced brand management, enterprise marketing concepts and working methods of Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries, and has always taken achieving international water as the goal, serving as a Chinese brand In 2014, when the Chinese market develops, there will be a shortage of brands and enterprises operating these brands to provide services. Relying on Shenzhen clock industry association, Jingpin exhibition has become a cooperative organization dedicated to expanding domestic and foreign markets for clock enterprises. The company will continue to expand cooperation with all sectors of society, take the brand development of customers as the core, and gradually establish a vertical and horizontal supply support network to provide customers with detailed and convenient multi project services. At present, the company's main projects are: 1. Undertaking China (Shenzhen) international watch exhibition; 2、 To host the Chinese exhibition group of the world watch and jewelry exhibition in Basel, Switzerland; 3、 The Chinese exhibition group that undertakes the Hong Kong watch exhibition; 4、 Operate the advertising and distribution business of Chinese magazine time; 5、 Operate the advertising and overseas distribution of the English magazine Shenzhen Watch Clock; 6、 Host the China Watch Summit Forum; 7、 Undertake various press conferences and brand activities; 8、 Undertake printing design business

through the application of CRM system, enterprises can turn the basic data about customers into available information, and convert the information into really useful customer knowledge, so as to turn potential customers into loyal customers, until they develop into lifelong customers and complete the whole life cycle of customers. The key to improving customer relationship is to improve customer satisfaction. The workflow of CRM is to integrate internal and external customer data into the same system, so that all marketing and service personnel who contact customers can update and share these resources in real time according to authorization. The concept of CRM process management enables each type of customer's needs to trigger a series of standardized internal operation chains, so that the relevant business personnel can work closely together to quickly and properly deal with customer needs, so as to improve the performance and customer satisfaction of the enterprise, and then improve the core competitiveness of the enterprise. The interest expectation of the enterprise is also completely based on the customer's satisfaction with the enterprise. Sales automation helps salespeople collect and organize customer and contact information. The functional features include calendar, event management, customer management and business opportunity management. The relevant principals of the national standards committee recently expressed their opinions, quotation management, order and contract management, report analysis, prediction, customer database and network sharing. Network sharing function makes information spread quickly and globally, sharing information and cooperating within and among enterprises

it is believed that the implementation of Keyou CRM will help Jingpin exhibition company focus on customers, meet customer needs in an all-round way, constantly create newer and better products, and turn from reducing costs and improving efficiency to expanding business and improving customer loyalty, so as to improve the core competitiveness of China's exhibition enterprises in 2011

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