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Jingong machinery made a wonderful appearance with star products at Xiamen International Stone Exhibition, China

Jingong machinery made a wonderful appearance with star products at Xiamen International Stone Exhibition, China

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[March 6, 2019] in Xiamen, Fujian Province, the 19th China Xiamen International Stone Exhibition was grandly opened in Xiamen, and Jingong machinery made a wonderful appearance with star product jgm771ft32kn

After 18 years of development, Xiamen stone exhibition has become the first industry exhibition in China. With excellent brand and category advantages, unique exhibit design and the most cutting-edge industry trends, the overall cost of using passive cooling is relatively low, which not only attracts more than 150000 professional businessmen in the stone industry from nearly 150 countries and regions around the world, but also becomes a one-stop stone procurement platform and a weathervane of the global stone industry. All enterprises can not only display their exhibits at the exhibition, but also exchange experiences with each other, expand markets, purchase products, meet customers, cooperate and negotiate, and look for new opportunities for development. In the exhibition again and again, Jingong machinery not only achieved a bumper harvest of orders, but also further improved the popularity of the enterprise, and laid the industry position of Jingong machinery fork loader

at the exhibition site, there were an endless stream of visitors to the Jingong booth. The on-site staff established good exchanges with the visiting merchants, and introduced the Jingong machinery and exhibits in detail

merchants visit and consult Jin Gong equipment

this Jin Gong exhibit jgm771ft32kn fork loader is a star product of Jin Gong fork loader series. It has this wide reputation in the fork industry and has received extensive attention from on-site merchants

jgm771ft32kn forklift

m771ft32kn forklift adopts Weichai WP10 national III high-pressure common rail electronically controlled low-speed engine, with large low-speed torque, energy conservation and environmental protection

2. Adopt high-efficiency torque converter with large capacity and high reliability. Jingong self-made low speed gearbox has outstanding comprehensive energy-saving effect

3. The hydraulic system with two pumps converging and steering priority is adopted, which has high working efficiency and low energy consumption

4. The hydraulic oil tank is used for oil suction and return, and the high-precision paper filter element is used to ensure the cleanliness of the hydraulic system

5. Adopt hydraulic components and accessories with high industry standards and new processes to improve the reliability of the hydraulic system

6. Adopting the optimized design of the whole machine heat dissipation system, the heat dissipation effect is good, and the whole machine works stably and reliably under bad working conditions

7. Double rocker Z-type linkage mechanism is adopted, with large digging force and lifting force

8. Finite element analysis is adopted for structural parts, and dust-proof design is adopted for key hinge points to ensure good lubrication of pin shaft

9. The service brake is double pipe pneumatic oil caliper disc brake; The parking brake is a clamp brake operated by a flexible shaft

10. The new cab is adopted, the interior is made of composite materials, the interior is spacious, the operating device is reasonably arranged, and the operation is convenient

11. Intelligent instrument system is adopted, which can monitor the working condition of the whole machine in real time

12. Adopting modern mining technology, it can easily pry and shovel waste materials and reduce labor cost and intensity

13. Three power modes are adopted: customers can choose three power modes of "heavy load", "medium load" and "light load" according to different working conditions, so as to save oil and reduce consumption

Jingong machinery has been committed to providing customers with reliable high-quality construction machinery products and excellent services. Each new product is widely used by world-class medical products and medical device manufacturers. The launch of the product must be repeatedly verified by the market and continue to be outstanding in continuous improvement. Now, in the world arena, Jingong machinery has been fully prepared to welcome guests from all over the world and play its first exhibition of the new year. I believe that in the future, strengthening the sharing of information between departments will help more customers enter new success

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