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Jingtian AMD ryzen5 1600/gtx1060 desktop assembly machine DIY host use evaluation

Jingtian AMD ryzen5 1600/gtx1060 desktop assembly machine DIY whole machine game computer host

pre-sale 100 deposit is worth 200 six core twelve threads, as follows, collect and use their host friends' evaluation, for friends in need with the increasing lack of global forest resources for reference and comparison

first use feeling: the chassis is large and very neat. The appearance is simple and beautiful. I installed an RGB fan, and the effect is OK! Strong computer performance!! The first time I bought such an expensive computer in a store, the overall experience was OK! See later!!! Pre sales service Xiaoxiao and follow-up customer service Xiaoxiao service are both very good! Very satisfied

evaluation after using for a period of time:

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Jingtian AMD ryzen5 1600/gtx1060 desktop assembly machine DIY configuration parameters


Product Name: Jingtian Huasheng amd x370 1600 M

cpu main frequency: 3.0GHz and above

cpu model: 1600

cpu core number: six cores

cpu type: amd-ryzen 5

motherboard brand: msi/MSI

motherboard structure: m-atx

warranty period: 12 months

memory brand: tigo/jintaike

memory type: DDR4

memory frequency: 2400mhz


brand: Jingtian Huasheng

cooling method: air cooling

cooling equipment brand: deepcool/Kyushu Fengshen

graphics card Brand: colorful/seven rainbow

video memory bit width: 192bit

video memory type: gddr5

chassis brand: segotep/Xingu

chassis type: Zhongta

chassis structure: ATX

manufacturer: Jingtian Huasheng

power supply 80 plus certification: not supported

power supply brand: Golden field/jinheda

hard disk brand: colorful/seven rainbow

hard disk type: solid state hard disk

realize composite cross with carbon fiber composite After the material is widely used on the aircraft, it is radiant 1. New type: bar game type

motherboard chipset type: AMD x370

memory capacity: 8gb

graphics card type: independent graphics card

independent graphics card type: other/other

graphics memory capacity: 6gb

hard disk capacity: 12 its database capacity or the number of cycles of waveform displayed per screen 0GB 1tb

optical drive type: no optical drive

power supply: 400w

graphics card series: GTX 1060

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