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In order to carry forward the spirit of Lei Feng and practice the volunteer spirit of "dedication, fraternity, mutual assistance and progress", on March 7, more than 200 young volunteers of Hualing LIANGANG gathered on the front terrace of the gymnasium and set up 22 service points to carry out the service activities of learning from Lei Feng with rich and colorful service projects, so that thousands of workers and people can enjoy high-quality services at home

Lei Feng's spirit is a symbol of the times. To learn from Lei Feng's spirit is to learn his life realm of selfless dedication, helpfulness, selfless work and positive attitude towards life

Hualing LIANGANG concentrated on learning from Lei Feng service activities

Hualing LIANGANG concentrated on plastic shoes and plastic soles to carry out learning from Lei Feng service activities

Hualing LIANGANG concentrated on learning from Lei Feng service activities

Hualing LIANGANG concentrated on learning from Lei Feng service activities

at the activity site, colorful flags fluttered, including repairing household appliances, sewing clothes, shoeshine, cleaning glasses, blood pressure measurement, film, kitchen knife grinding, voluntary blood donation Haircuts... Volunteers are not afraid of hardship, fatigue and dirt, and always serve the masses with a smile. The uncle who lives nearby holds the repaired gas stove and gives a thumbs up happily; The passing aunt looked at the new leather shoes and quickly thanked them! There was a long queue in front of the blood donor car. The volunteer blood donor filled out the form and walked into the car to receive blood drawing; The service point that gives people free eyebrow trimming, makeup and hair curling has become the favorite of young beauties; Blood pressure measurement and health consultation service points have sent waves of middle-aged people away... This time, the youth volunteers' centralized learning from Lei Feng service activity led by the Youth League Committee of Lianyungang iron and Steel Co., Ltd. has been praised by the broad masses of workers

the volunteer service team is an important symbol of the degree of social civilization, and it is also a powerful starting point for the construction of spiritual civilization in Lianyungang under the new situation. In recent years, Hualing Lianyuan Steel has attached great importance to the construction of volunteer team, standardized the management of volunteer team, actively built a volunteer service brand, and well led the majority of young volunteers to participate in activities such as "volunteering and giving love", so as to contribute to the realization of a happy and beautiful Gangcheng community

it is reported that on March 18, the retired and early retired employees of Lianyuan Steel will carry out self-care, fitness publicity, environmental remediation, civilized supervision, gas stove repair, calligraphy and painting, paper cutting, cross stitch teaching and other convenience services in various communities with the theme of "practicing the spirit of Lei Feng and building a harmonious home"

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