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Huajin paper industry: 10000 rolls of paper industry gives a new chapter

the 60th birthday of the motherland, China is full of joy. If papermaking, once one of the four great inventions, symbolizes the long history and brilliant civilization of the Chinese nation, then the rise of a new era in China's paper industry in the 60 years since the founding of new China, especially in the 30 years of reform and opening up, is becoming a glorious witness to the great rejuvenation and brilliance of the Chinese nation

entrepreneur Xing Dongshang and Shandong Huajin Group led by him are excellent representatives of China's paper industry reform and scientific development. In May, 1978, with a loan of 100000 yuan, the entrepreneur established Sishui County paper mill in the hometown of Confucius and Mencius and on the Bank of Sihe river. After more than 30 years of reform, this once unknown small mill has been developed into a large-scale national modern enterprise group Shandong Huajin Group, which focuses on papermaking and paper products processing, integrates power generation, scientific research and trade, and crosses industries and regions, with a total asset of 2.448 billion yuan and an annual production capacity of 500000 tons, The main products are: medium and high-grade industrial base paper; Medium and high grade office automation and cultural paper; Carbon free carbon paper; There are more than 120 varieties of five series of medium and high-end entertainment intelligence development paper and packaging paper. In 2008, the output of various machine-made paper was 469500 tons, the sales revenue was 2.652 billion yuan, the profit and tax was 329 million yuan, the export paper was 26000 tons, and the foreign exchange was 33.26 million US dollars. In the first half of this year, the output was 261800 tons, the sales revenue was 1.52 billion yuan, the profit and tax was 160 million yuan, the export volume was 16000 tons, and the foreign exchange earned was 19.2 million US dollars. The enterprise has won the honors of top 500 private enterprises in China, top 100 papermaking enterprises in China, meritorious enterprises in China's paper industry, top 20 papermaking enterprises in China, top 10 papermaking enterprises in Shandong Province, AAA provincial credit enterprise, national contract abiding and trustworthy enterprise, star enterprise, etc; Xing Dongshang, the chairman of the board, won the national outstanding entrepreneur, the National May Day Labor Medal, the national model worker, the most social entrepreneur and other honors

the Golden Journey flying against the wind

the sky will impose great responsibilities on such people, so we must first work hard and strain their muscles and bones. For more than 30 years, Xing Dongshang and Linghua Jinren have always closely combined enterprise development with national rejuvenation and the reform and take-off of China's paper industry, witnessed the sages' proverbs with brilliant footprints, and become the glorious flagship of the development of China's paper enterprises in the era

starting from the construction of sheds on the rivers and beaches where there were no three feet flat and pits everywhere, entrepreneurs faced the severe reality of domestic and foreign difficulties. In the difficult situation of national economic adjustment, the shrinkage of the national paper industry, unsalable products and other external adverse situations, internal lack of funds, technology, talents, necessary production factors and so on, they took the first step into the paper kingdom with their unrelenting ambition and pride. Through running loans to solve the problem of start-up funds, we paid close attention to technical experts. Although there was only one 1092 paper machine at that time, we could produce 320 tons of ordinary packaging paper that year, with an output value of 184000 yuan and a profit tax of 31000 yuan. Although the profit is very low, it is undoubtedly the most exciting victory for Xing Dongshang and his comrades who have just stepped on the stage of reform and entrepreneurship

taking this as a starting point, the entrepreneur Yun fan traveled thousands of miles and strove forward. In 1985, he invested 110000 yuan to change the production workshop of packaging paper into a white paper production line, so that the products can reach a new level; In 1986, grasping the situation that paper supply in the market was in short supply, we made a decisive decision and worked hard. We successively invested 200000 yuan and 1.8 million yuan in the experimental results of 1 aluminum alloy electronic all-round experimental machine, and went on the second and third production lines, making three big strides in three years; In 1987, the output value was 3.658 million yuan, and the profit and tax was 1.224 million yuan, breaking the million yuan mark

worked hard round after round, and continued to write the answer sheet with an initial output value of 184000 yuan into a golden legend with an output of 469500 tons and a profit and tax of 329 million yuan in 2008! With its golden footprint, it has witnessed the ambition of an excellent national paper-making enterprise to seek scientific and sustainable development on the stage of the times

people oriented, science and technology win

talents are the key to the development of enterprises and the innovation of science and technology. As a national model worker and excellent entrepreneur, Xing Dongshang has always pursued the development concept of people-oriented and invigorating the enterprise through science and technology, constantly innovated and introduced talent policies, successively formulated and improved a number of incentive mechanisms such as academic degree subsidies, professional title subsidies, housing reform preferences, and absorbed graduates with excellent character and learning to join Huajin. The personnel structure has been expanded from the original localization to more than 1600 large and medium-sized hydraulic experimental machines from 21 provinces and cities across the country, and there must be no oil leakage Oil seepage phenomenon graduates. Huajin jointly runs classes with colleges and universities, trains front-line staff in rotation, and the training rate of operating staff reaches more than 95%, so as to cultivate a front-line staff team with operating skills; How to choose? Send middle and senior managers to Peking University to study MBA and PMBA, and build a new management talent team with professional manager quality; Establish the internal professional title evaluation and employment mechanism of the enterprise. At present, a total of 2176 people with junior, middle and senior professional titles are employed in the enterprise, and a professional technical team with strong innovation ability and hard technology is cultivated

innovation is the eternal theme of enterprise development. Huajin set up special awards for management innovation and technological innovation, and held two commendation meetings for management innovation and technological innovation every year, with a total of more than 3000 innovation achievements and a bonus of more than 16 million yuan. Management innovation and technological innovation make cleaner production, energy conservation and consumption reduction, pollution reduction and efficiency increase fully implemented in the production process. In the first half of 2009, 168 innovative achievements were commended around the aspects of fine management, process improvement, process improvement, quality stability, cost reduction, superior phenol oil processing, oil washing processing, high-end utilization and industrial configuration of coal tar pitch, information coordination, energy conservation and emission reduction, cleaner production, efficiency improvement and so on

over the past few years, Huajin has also optimized each new project plan for many times, selecting the best from the best, so as to achieve the effect of reducing investment costs, the best technical plan, and the fastest construction and production. During the 80000 ton/year refined reed pulp project in 2005, the new HP bleaching process was jointly developed to achieve the ideal effect of high brightness, no yellowing and 50% water saving, and was patented by the state. In 2007, the OQP new process of pulping transformation project does not use chlorine in the production process, does not produce pollutants, and can save 90% water. It is completely clean bleaching, reaching the domestic leading level

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