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Huali packaging 120million deployed in Tanzhou

aiming at Tanzhou, an important export processing town in the south of Zhongshan, has quite obvious geographical and resource advantages. Huali packaging (holding) Co., Ltd., a leading enterprise in China's packaging industry, deployed in Tanzhou last July and announced on September 22 this year that the matrix resin attached to the grinding wheel was significantly reduced, Its subordinate Zhongshan Huali Packaging Co., Ltd. was officially put into production today

Zhongshan Huali Packaging Co., Ltd. is a modern corrugated paper packaging enterprise invested by Hong Kong Overseas Chinese town Co., Ltd. with an investment of 120million yuan. The company has introduced a production line that can produce 2.5m wide corrugated paper from fosber company in Italy, and is equipped with many advanced instruments such as multi-color ink printing machines, roller die-cutting machines, automatic flat press die-cutting machines, etc., which can produce corrugated cardboard, cartons, color boxes and beer boxes, with an annual production capacity of 50000 tons, At present, it is the corrugated paper packaging enterprise with the most advanced equipment, the largest scale and competitiveness in the Pearl River Delta. It took less than a year for the company to go into production. After being put into operation, Zhongshan Huali will echo Shenzhen Huali from afar, making Huali company form a horn on both sides of the Pearl River

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