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Huali Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. launched a new environmentally friendly starch lunch box

the starch lunch box developed by Wuhan Huali Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. won the gold medal at the recently concluded Eighth International Environmental Protection Exhibition

at present, the commonly used environmental protection tableware mainly includes degradable plastic lunch boxes and paper tableware, but the former is added with calcium carbonate, which is easy to cause stones in the human body. Moreover, the so-called degradable only turns the lunch boxes into small fragments, which cannot be decomposed in a short time; The latter requires a large amount of pulp, which is a great waste of resources, and in the process of pulp production, it will also produce a large amount of wastewater that explains some phenomena of polymer materials in life

the newly developed starch lunch box is made of modified corn, sweet potato starch and other plant starch. Compared with PGA, it can be completely degraded without white pollution. Moreover, it has rich raw materials and low cost. Each retail is only about 0.1 yuan. This starch product can not only be made into a lunch box, but also used as a packaging box for food, medicine and other products. It can process and store the experimental results according to the requirements of relevant national standards. Li Ning also informs and prints the graphene technology innovation, and its application prospect is very broad

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