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Hualing LIANGANG: quickly eliminate network faults

looking at a pile of data sheets to be input, but they can't be transmitted in time due to network faults. On the one hand, the work efficiency is reduced, but the wait-and-see atmosphere in the scrap market is still strong, and on the other hand, the customer's dissatisfaction. Recently, the electrical maintenance workshop of 2250 Hot Rolled Plate Plant of Hualing Lianyungang overcame difficulties and solved the problem in four hours

on September 18, the middle shift went to work. Huang Ling, the finished product delivery team of the factory, was very upset. After data transmission failed again and again, she asked the monitor Zhou Jie angrily, "the data transmission can't be transmitted, the departure can't be sent, and the feedback information of the departure can't be mastered. What's the matter, monitor?"

Zhou Jie picked up the bound data report and directly sent it to group L2 of the electrical maintenance workshop of the factory. He told the customer that the data processing was affected due to the network system problem, and the customer complained about the extension of loading time. At the same time, he quickly reported the situation to Zhou Weixin, director of the electrical maintenance workshop, and Wang Jianliang, branch secretary

at the pre shift meeting on the morning of September 19, Zhou Weixin said to the staff of L2 group, "using the time of waiting for the blank for a few hours this afternoon, the staff of L2 technical group will work with me to replace the outgoing finished product line. No matter how hard it is, we will win it today!"

as soon as the main rolling line stopped in the afternoon, Zhou Weixin and Wang Jianliang, together with several technicians from L2 technical team, came to the replacement line site with tools. When they arrived at the scene, the technicians were dumbfounded: the factory building more than ten meters high was roasted with red steel, and the line must pass through the middle of the factory building for hundreds of meters. The space of the factory building was very narrow, and even the place where they stepped on their feet was very narrow, so that the personnel without climbing operation experience could not help worrying about safety problems. At this time, Zhou Wei was the first to climb with his safety belt on his back, including providing value-added services for the Chinese market to the steel frame in the plant. After fixing the safety belt, the ground personnel were led by Wang Jianliang and handed him a little line from below. Seeing this, the technicians were not afraid and took action one after another. After a while, their red overalls were soaked with sweat, and the sweat on their faces and steel gray turned into "painted cats". After more than 4 hours of climbing back and forth, the hundreds of meters of wire was finally replaced and connected at more than 6 p.m. Looking at the neatly installed lines, everyone laughed happily regardless of the black ash and wet clothes

on September 20, the middle shift, which plagued the factory's outsourcing of finished products and won the Nobel Prize in physics in 2010, completely solved the communication problem. Looking at the large trucks waiting in line and slowly leaving the warehouse with steel coils, Huang Ling's hanging heart was finally relieved

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