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The glass products of Shenzhen Huajing glass bottle Co., Ltd. are mainly supplied to Shenzhen Jinwei, Qingdao Asahi, Hong Kong Carlsberg, Guangzhou Zhujiang and other famous beer manufacturers. After 10 years of energy-saving transformation, the company has changed from a loss making enterprise to a large taxpayer with a tax payment of more than 10 million

according to the introduction, the company has carried out energy-saving transformation on the glass furnace with large consumption of heavy oil. After the transformation, the heavy oil consumption of the glass furnace has decreased by 30%, which not only reaches the advanced level at home and abroad, but also saves 3000 tons of heavy oil every year and saves more than 6 million yuan. At the same time, it can effectively turn on the power switch to reduce gas emissions caused by fuel and reduce air pollution

in terms of resource reuse and transformation, it is mainly to increase the consumption of waste broken glass. Before the technical transformation, the company can recycle less than 40000 tons of waste broken glass, while at present, the annual recyclable waste broken glass has reached more than 80000 tons. The public testing service platform station for small, medium and micro enterprises in Tongling City has been built in the mode of interconnection + testing, which can reduce the landfill volume by nearly 50000 cubic meters every year. The increase in the amount of broken glass can not only accelerate the melting of glass, save fuel, but also increase production

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