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Huainan mobile officially announced that 4G was the first to be put into commercial use in Huainan City

on the morning of April 28, Huainan mobile officially announced that the fourth generation mobile communication network (referred to as 4G), which represents the most advanced international mainstream standard, was the first to be put into commercial use in Huainan City. Zhangyunting, deputy director of the Standing Committee of Huainan Municipal People's Congress, Qian Li, vice mayor, and Yang Tianbiao, vice chairman of the municipal CPPCC, lit up the crystal ball for the use of 4G

on December 4, 2013, the Ministry of industry and information technology officially issued a 4G license to China Mobile. At the beginning of 2014, Huainan mobile officially launched the construction of large-scale 4G networks. At present, the 4G networks of Huainan mobile have covered the county and main urban areas. During the year, Huainan mobile also completed the construction of 4G networks in towns and major rural areas, covering rural market towns. At the same time, it continues to optimize and improve the quality of networks. At that time, the 4G high-quality high-speed wireless networks in Huainan will be accessible everywhere

in addition to attaching great importance to the construction of a wide coverage and high-quality network, Huainan Mobile has also spared no effort in terminals, tariffs, applications and services. In terms of terminals, more than 30 mobile 4gs have been listed in our city, and customers have a wide range of choices

in terms of tariff, Huainan Mobile has also given a comprehensive and thoughtful design scheme: there are optional packages that can be matched freely, as well as flying packages with perfect combination of voice and Internet. Each series of packages takes into account the personalized needs of different groups

in terms of use, the detection of the new material change experimental machine is slightly more extensive, especially in 2016. More than 700 enterprises are fast. Using the same business through 4G will greatly shorten the waiting time for customer information acquisition and optimize the customer experience. At the same time, Huainan mobile also provides real-time traffic query, multiple reminders of usage limit, double caps of traffic and expenses, and other security means, which really make customers affordable Don't worry. It won't increase additional traffic and incur high costs, as some social rumors say

in addition, in order to allow more customers to easily and conveniently handle 4G business, Anhui Mobile continues the two fast and convenient services of no number change, no registration and fast card replacement. Without changing the number and going through the check-in procedures again, customers can quickly change their USIM card free of charge in the business hall and immediately enjoy the wonderful 4G network

at the same time, the shareholding ratio of Wharton in the period will be increased to 79.61% 4G is not only a fast upgrade, but also a brand-new information revolution with far-reaching impact. The integration of 4G, IOT, cloud computing and other cutting-edge technologies will form an information highway, and wireless broadband information services such as video and games will activate all aspects of personal digital life; Industry informatization applications such as instant messaging, security monitoring, high-definition video conferencing, etc. at the same time, sales enterprises have the awareness of quality assurance for incoming products, which will promote the low-cost and rapid development of government affairs, transportation, energy, education, medical treatment and other fields

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