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Hualing Lianyuan Steel: subdue the "naughty" machine

speaking of the No. 2 mud scraper at Sishui station, the water supply workshop of the energy center of Lianyuan Steel Company of Hualing group, people familiar with this machine shook their heads. Since June, 2013, the No. 2 mud scraper has often "played a little bit of a temper", and each time it drove less than 10 meters, the steel wheel would derail, and it also made a "crunchy" rail gnawing sound. According to the 1025 development plan of the plastic machinery industry, sometimes it simply went on strike. Once the mud scraper is derailed and cannot operate normally, it will seriously affect the water quality, may also damage the rails and cables, and even cause the damage of the mud scraper worth nearly 300000 yuan

"we must subdue this machine that loves' cheating ' Yin Hong, a technician in the workshop, gave himself the task of tackling key problems. After a long time of observation and monitoring, he found that the working cylindrical surface of the driving steel wheel of No. 2 mud scraper had different degrees of wear changes, which seriously affected its engagement with the rail and led to its frequent derailment. We must find a way to keep the steel wheel of the mud scraper from deviation, so as to solve the problem of derailment

Yin Hong had a whim: can the No. 2 mud scraper, like a small power car, with an independent suspension device, have the ability to automatically fine adjust the direction? According to Yin Hong's innovative design, two active steel wheels are processed and transformed, so that when the mud scraper is biased, it can walk the arc line with large arc length and small arc angle, and correct the direction through automatic left and right fine adjustment. Compared with replacing the whole set of bearings and rails, this transformation saves more than 20000 yuan. The scheme was supported by the water supply workshop and put into test

2 high nickel 811 material will become an important development trend of power batteries in the future. On January 14, 2014, the time for the modified No. 2 mud scraper to accept the test machine inspection came. Only a small transformation of the steel wheel can solve the long-standing derailment problem? During the test, we suddenly heard a "click", and everyone thought that it was going to derail again, and ran to the place where the sound occurred. The fuselage trembled slightly, and immediately resumed normal driving. At this time, everyone found that where the mud scraper just passed, there was an arc groove left by the previous derailment. It turned out that this groove made the direction of the steel wheel of the mud scraper deviate, but Yin Hong's design allowed the steel wheel to automatically adjust slightly, so there was a sound of "click" that was equally optimistic about the Chinese polyamide market. After walking back and forth for several times, No. 2 mud scraper can provide better market service, and can fine tune and correct itself, and successfully passed the test

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