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Hualian Paper Co., Ltd. announced the shutdown in order to cooperate with the environmental remediation. Release date: Source: Yancheng release

due to the failure to effectively solve the pollution problem, in order to meet the needs of the ecological environment remediation of Shendang Town, recently, all indicators of resolving excess capacity of Zhejiang Haiyan Hualian Paper Co., Ltd. will be broken down to the provincial governments to announce the shutdown. According to the new one-year data of fastmarkets risi, the annual output of this enterprise is about 180000 tons of carton board paper

prominent environmental protection issues

Hualian paper industry, located in Zhongqian village, Shendang Town, was founded in 1992. It is a paper-making enterprise with waste paper as raw material, and its main product is mechanism dried noodles Kraft linerboard. The enterprise covers an area of 94.5 mu, with a construction area of 34815 square meters

due to incomplete diversion of rain and sewage, backward production equipment and other reasons, Hualian paper produces waste gas odor in the production process, which not only pollutes the environment, but also affects the production and life of surrounding residents. Residents reacted strongly, and rectification is imminent

Zhao Liang, a villager of Zhongqian village, whose house is only one road away from Hualian paper, less than 100 meters away, said: "in the past, I could smell a bad smell at home, especially when the northwest wind blows. This enterprise does not stop working for 24 hours, and the roaring noise sometimes makes it impossible to sleep peacefully."

the official announcement announced the shutdown

since 2017, Hualian paper has implemented the papermaking waste gas treatment project, mainly including the covering of sewage tanks, the collection and treatment of waste gas in papermaking workshops, and the stacking in waste paper sheds. At the same time, the incomplete diversion of rain and sewage was rectified, mainly including the collection of white water in the production workshop, the collection of ground rainwater for various political and economic reasons, and the collection of roof rainwater

although rectification has been carried out, the pollution problem has not been effectively solved. In order to improve the ecological environment for the construction and development of Shendang town and optimize the living environment, Hualian paper industry cooperated with the demolition and shutdown

on the morning of July 31 this year, Hualian paper officially announced its closure, and the enterprise signed a compensation agreement with its employees to terminate the labor contract. The signing rate was 100%, and the employees were in a stable mood

at present, the resettlement and diversion of Hualian paper employees has been completed, and some of the retained personnel are mainly responsible for the operation of environmental protection facilities, safety management for a long time, sales of inventory products, accounts receivable and payable disposal, equipment disposal, other asset disposal, etc

Zhong Yongqiang, Secretary of Zhongqian village in Shendang Town, said that after the closure of Hualian paper industry, the surrounding environment of the village has been greatly improved, and the air quality has significantly improved. Many villagers reported that the air was fresh and their mood has become more comfortable. Everyone praised this living environment

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