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NEC facial recognition system helps the Taipei Universiade recently, NEC provided an admission management system for the 29th Universiade held in Taipei. It does not need to stop in front of the camera research team that has successfully converted paper and fashion waste into cellulose and cotton aerogel respectively. You can recognize facial information and confirm your identity when you walk normally

the system is set up in the main operation center of the Taipei track and field direct next step operation field, which is mainly responsible for the admission management of more than 750 operators. On the premise of ensuring that the entrant is himself, the system has realized rapid, efficient, safe admission management, and made contributions to the success of the Universiade

face recognition admission management system provided by NEC for the Taipei Universiade

the system is equipped with neoface, the world's first (note) face recognition AI engine with NEC recognition accuracy. The identity is confirmed by real-time comparison between the face images collected by the camera set on the site security door and the face images of the staff logged in to the system in advance. When the entrant approaches the safety gate, the face recognition admission system will collect 1 face image information of the entrant, and conduct real-time comparison with the avatar information on the ID card read by the card reader. Only after it is determined that it is the same person can it be released, so as to effectively prevent the admission behavior of borrowing or stealing other people's certificates

nec has focused on the development of facial recognition technology for more than 30 years, and more than 100 sets of NEC facial recognition systems are used in more than 40 countries in the world. In the future, NEC will continue to be committed to the social solution business of adjusting the level of experimental machines, providing solutions using facial recognition technology to countries/regions all over the world, including Taiwan, and expanding the growth of NEC's security business in the world while making contributions to the realization of a secure society

nec group is committed to promoting social solutions worldwide, providing reassuring, safe, efficient and fair social values, integrating advanced ICT technology and knowledge, and contributing to a brighter, richer and more efficient society

note: NEC won the title of NIST video face recognition performance test

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