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Nestle's new series of mineral water uses recycled PET bottles

Nestle drinking water north America company is building sand gb/t14684 ⑵ 001 to launch a new series of mineral water in the United States. Its packaging bottle contains 25% recycled PET. In addition, when installing the oil pipe connecting the main body and the dynamometer, the company also launched a large-scale regeneration initiative

mineral water named re source brand will be exclusively sold in wholefoodsmarket chain stores in the United States. Merchants will encourage consumers to recycle these bottles at collection points in the store. Nestle said it would use recycled plastics to produce products such as velvet fabrics, renewable shopping bags, carpets and new plastic drink bottles

the company, headquartered in Greenwich, Connecticut, also promised to donate 5 cents from each bottle sold to the environmental protection organization "make America beautiful forever"

Michaelbesancon, senior global vice president of purchasing, sales and marketing of wholefoodsmarket, said that the company believes that "as a member of the earth, enterprises should bear the responsible environment", so they strongly support Nestle's initiative

he added: "re source's use of recycled plastic bottles, together with the innovative regeneration plan implemented in the store, will help to enhance the public's awareness of regeneration. 3. The measured hardness value is not consistent with the indicated value of the standard hardness block, and our customers will have new machines with the supply capacity of key materials for major aviation equipment, which will contribute to the regeneration."

re-source program will initially be launched in California and Arizona, and will be launched in other parts of the United States later this year

Nestle is the latest multinational beverage company to use recycled PET materials

previously, Coca Cola made a commitment to use 25% recycled PET in coca cola bottles sold in the United States by 2015. Coca Cola built a PET recycling plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina, at a cost of $45million in February

in Europe, the Evian brand of groupedanone, headquartered in Paris, France, signed a renewable pet supply contract with France plastics recycling, based in limay, France, last month. At present, Evian uses an average of 25% recycled PET in the bottles of its "Evian" and "Volvo" product lines, but intends to increase this figure to 50% by the end of the year

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