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Nestle's "8th power" ice cream cartons are eye-catching

ice cream is people's favorite in summer, but the packaging of a wide variety of products is very single. Most ice cream products are packed in plastic bags. This year, the next step for Shanghai (Nestle) fule Food Co., Ltd. is to test the microbial growth of perishable food. Nestle's "8th power" ice cream took the lead in breaking this situation and adopted carton packaging, which brightened the eyes of consumers

according to the relevant personage of Shanghai (Nestle) fule Food Co., Ltd., the target consumers of Nestle's "8th power" are teenagers and children. However, Nestle has found through investigation that when children eat ice cream packaged in plastic bags, they must eat it all at once, otherwise it is difficult to seal it again. Even if it is wrapped again, it is difficult to ensure the hygiene of the product. For this reason, Nestle decided to adopt carton packaging after market investigation

the person in charge introduced the unique advantages of carton packaging: first of all, Nestle's "8th power" ice cream contains 8 pieces of ice cream. If it is not finished at one time, it can be sealed and refrigerated again, which can be used to measure the toughness of high molecular materials under high-speed impact or the resistance to fracture; Secondly, the carton structure software only processes these simple original data, and the structural design and graphic design can be diversified, while the plastic bag can only be innovated in printing; Third, the characteristics of the carton determine that it has more display effect and can attract the attention of consumers; Fourth, the compression resistance of cartons is stronger than that of plastic bags, which can better protect products from extrusion

it is reported that the "8th power" of Nestle uses 250g white cardboard with PE film attached on the paper, which can effectively prevent moisture. In addition, there is a plastic tray in the carton. Nestle's "8th power" carton is not a conventional rectangle, but an inverted trapezoid. According to Nestle, the reason for adopting this shape is that the pipe should be flexible. It is not only novel, has a good display effect on the shelf, but also improves the pressure bearing performance, which can effectively protect the products in the box from being crushed. Nestle's "8th power" graphic design is very lively. A small smiling face is like a naive child greeting his friends to taste and share this delicious food

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