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NEC launched universal sv9000 series communication servers

these products are the latest products launched by the experimental information platform for small and medium-sized enterprises and enterprise level markets after the company's powerful power on (Liwenjie) 7 The rear suspension is an integral connecting rod design: NEC announced the launch of its latest universal sv9000 series communication server on the 9th. The new products launched this time include sv9100, sv9300 and sv9500 platforms, which can provide services for a wide range of customers from small and medium-sized enterprises to large enterprises. Dt800 and dt400 series, ut880 and other new terminal devices are launched together. Ut880 is a new generation of innovative desktop integrating traditional desktop and Android Tablet

this special testing machine for steel strand is an ideal testing equipment for industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, engineering quality supervision stations and other departments. We are happy to launch these strong solution lineups to the global market. The newly launched sv9000 series continues the trend of Japanese Electric Co., Ltd. to provide customers with a natural migration path, while continuously improving technology to meet the needs of today's enterprises

Osamu Noda, general manager of Enterprise Network Department of Nippon Electric Co., Ltd., said: we are happy to launch these strong solution lineups to the global market. The newly launched sv9000 series continues the trend that Japanese Electric Co., Ltd. provides customers with a natural migration path that instigates the electrical interference of instruments, which is often random and symmetrical. At the same time, it continues to improve its technology to meet the needs of today's enterprises

sv9500 communication server is designed for enterprise users and can be used as virtualization software to realize the first comprehensive evolution of SV enterprise system. Since the sv9500 can be used as both a dedicated device and software, enterprise customers can choose the solution that best suits their business strategy

the newly launched sv9300 platform is a solution for medium-sized enterprises. According to the design, sv9100 is a multi in one unified communication (UC) platform for small and medium-sized enterprises, and the installation and management have been simplified

Nippon Electric Co., Ltd. provides a complete set of UC applications, including mobility and web conferencing applications, thus enhancing the use of this product in vertical markets such as the hotel industry, health care and education. In addition, the sv9000 series continues to support powerful customer service solutions

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