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"Net weight" actually includes packaging

for example, natural fiber composite is a wonderful flower in the field of composite materials. Today, when buying food in the market, whether it is cakes, tea, fruits and vegetables, the packaging is more and more, sometimes the weight is more and more heavy. Recently, the quality and Technical Supervision Bureau of Yuanping City, Shanxi Province conducted a special inspection on the packaging weight of the food market, and it was found that the packaging weight of individual foods was surprisingly amazing. A handful of noodles marked with "net weight of 250g" has only 225 g of actual weight stripped of the package; A box of hairtail marked with "net weight of 10kg" is only 8.7kg after being stripped of its packaging, which is 1.3KG less; This is not special, but a box of tomatoes marked with "net weight of 25kg" was stripped of its packaging and lost 4kg. It turned out that a 3.5kg gypsum board was laid under the packaging carton

why are there so many things that tamper with packaging and use increasing packaging weight to harm consumers? After investigation and analysis, the Bureau of quality and technical supervision of Yuanping City, Shanxi Province, found that there were mainly the following reasons: first, the specially designed spray nozzle was first driven by interests. Some food manufacturers and businesses, out of their own interests, started to think about the packaging after being hit by the apparent lack of weight. It seemed that the packaging had been marked with the "net weight", but in fact, they did something about the "net weight", Short weight may be more serious. Secondly, the quality and technical supervision department failed to crack down on the phenomenon of short weight. Generally speaking, in the supervision and inspection of food packaging, the quality and technical supervision departments only pay attention to whether the words "net weight" are marked on the packaging, but the actual "net weight" is not checked enough, leaving a loophole for some illegal businesses and manufacturers. Thirdly, most consumers believe in the "net weight" marked on the package, so they generally do not raise an objection during the transaction. When they take the purchased food home, open the package and find that they have been cheated, it will bring many difficulties to the claim, so they give up the right to claim

according to the market survey, the problem of "net weight" in food packaging has become one of the problems strongly reflected by consumers. So, how to strengthen governance? The author believes that, first, the quality and technical supervision department should strengthen the supervision and management of the measurement work of food enterprises, and carry out random inspection from time to time, especially for the packaging specification, texture and weight, so as to resolutely put an end to such phenomena. Second, in the wholesale and retail markets of food, the quality and technical supervision department can set up a fair scale. For suspected food packaging, it is recommended to open the package and weigh. Once the operator is found to be short in weight, he shall not only be punished, but also be ordered to make up the full amount of the short food. In addition, the quality supervision department should take the "net weight" of food as the focus of supervision and inspection for a period of time in the future, and grasp it to the end until it achieves results

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