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Knowing the needs, knowing the heart and knowing the future FAW Xichai national five user needs seminar was held in Xi'an

knowing the needs, knowing the heart and knowing the future FAW Xichai national five user needs seminar was held in Xi'an

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. A five-year user demand seminar of FAW Wuxi Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. with the theme of "know your needs, know your heart and know your future" was grandly held in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, on the Bank of Taihu Lake

the site of the national five user demand seminar of FAW Xichai

Ji Yizhi, deputy factory director of FAW Xichai, Li Qianyang, executive deputy general manager of FAW Xichai sales company, qianwenhu, Secretary of FAW Xichai sales company, Li Yan, deputy general manager of FAW Xichai sales company, etc. all attended the seminar and gathered with the big V of Xichai, user representatives and parts dealers to focus on the national five new products tailored by Xichai for users in the light power market The matching of accessories and services, focusing on user needs and expanding market potential were discussed, and the atmosphere was warm

never forget the original intention to draw forward strength from cultural self-confidence

liqianyang, executive vice president of FAW Xichai sales company, delivered a speech at the meeting, reviewing the development process and corporate culture of Xichai

FAW Xichai main gate

the towering roots of Xichai have shaped the south of the Yangtze River, and have been on the road for 73 years. Rich fruits, fragrant branches, and pioneering culture. Known as the oldest qualified enterprise in the domestic internal combustion engine industry, FAW Xichai's development process is a process of starting a business with arduous efforts, as well as a process of pioneering, innovating and constantly striving. Each of the four entrepreneurial stages it has experienced is an inky and colorful stroke on the historical scroll of Xichai

the first entrepreneurial stage: from the establishment of the central agricultural tool manufacturing Experimental Factory under the Wang puppet regime in 1943, to the Wuxi agricultural tool manufacturing factory after the founding of the people's Republic of China, and then to the Wuxi Diesel Engine Factory in the 1950s, Xichai has created several firsts, and has continued to grow in witnessing the changes in New China

the second entrepreneurial stage: in 1992, Xichai took the initiative to join China FAW Group, the eldest son of the Republic, and completed the successful transformation to the automotive industry, realizing unconventional and leapfrog development

the third entrepreneurial stage: in the 21st century, the power coverage of the three brands and seven series of products of Wuxi Diesel Aowei, Hengwei and Kangwei can reach 40 to 500 horsepower. Chinese power experts shine brightly on the international stage, and Wuxi Diesel has successfully reached the level of sales revenue exceeding 10 billion yuan

the fourth entrepreneurship stage: in 2011, Xichai opened a new round of entrepreneurship. In 2013, Xichai officially launched the "Eagle culture" system. The core connotation of "Eagle culture" is: tenacity, struggle and integration. The eagle's tenacity, perseverance and perseverance demonstrate the execution culture of Xichai; The eagle's struggle, striving and enterprising, with lofty aspirations, demonstrates the learning culture of Xichai that constantly improves itself and the innovation culture that does not implement the peak shifting production of industrial enterprises and constantly surpass itself; The integration of eagles, harmony and symbiosis, creating a harmonious environment, reflects the harmonious culture of Xichai

the long history and profound cultural heritage are the greatest wealth of Xichai, the soul of its development, and the ultimate competitiveness of Xichai

now, the "13th five year plan blueprint" of FAW Xichai has been launched. In the new journey, FAW Xichai never forgets its original intention, draws strength from its cultural self-confidence, seizes the first opportunity in the national five layout, and excavates the upgrading potential of the national six. The new brand strategy is advancing steadily. It is believed that Xichai will take a more solid step in its future development

the competition is becoming increasingly fierce. As a veteran of the internal combustion engine industry, how did Xichai break through the national five year emission upgrading war

jiyizhi, deputy factory director of FAW Xichai, said: "know the potential, keep innovating, and seize the technological opportunities. As early as 2011, FAW Xichai began the national five-year plan layout and corresponding research and development work, and has the technical ability to independently develop the national five-year emission diesel engine."

in fact, before stepping into the national five era, Xichai completed the upgrading of the whole series of national five products of the three major brands, striding forward to the new product promotion stage, creating conditions for seizing greater market share in the domestic and foreign markets. By turning the pressure of "implementing stricter emission standards" and "increasingly fierce market competition" into power, Xichai brand has firmly embarked on a new journey of green development

when analyzing the current situation and future development trend of light power market, Jiyizhi, deputy factory director, explained his own views: "Under the new normal, the low-end power in China's light truck market will be gradually replaced by the medium and high-end power to explore the potential of the medium and high-end power market. Opportunities outweigh challenges. In recent years, Xichai has invested as much in the research and development of light power technology as in the medium and heavy power sector, and has also done a lot of work to create light power, provide users with more valuable green power products and solutions, and tap the potential of the light power market. It is our responsibility to One of our strategic directions. "

Xichai 2-liter engine 4db1 national five engines are born in response to the market.

only by deeply understanding the users and accurately grasping the fundamental needs, can we know the needs and move, integrate and innovate, become professional and refined, and create products that meet the needs of users. Xichai is well aware of this

structural features of the new 4db1 of Xichai

in the new light power era, users' demands and demands are constantly changing, and their expectations for power, energy saving, durability and comfort are getting higher and higher. "Low cost use and efficient operation" has become the aspiration of many users. Xichai has paid close attention to the fundamental demand, made efforts based on the needs, successfully integrated environmental protection elements such as energy consumption reduction into engine technology innovation, and accelerated the research and development of new energy-saving technologies. At the end of August this year, the new 2-liter engine development project independently developed by Xichai successfully passed the review of FAW Group and was officially approved. The newly developed 4db1 national five engines are in line with China's national conditions and positioned at the medium and high end

at the meeting, Mr. Zhang Dong, general assistant of FAW Xichai sales company, gave a briefing on the highlights of "4db1", a new light power product of national five of Xichai that everyone cared about

"the Bosch 1800bar common rail system is used in the fuel system of the national five engines of Xichai 4db1, and the emission standard can meet the national five standards, which has the upgrading potential of the national six." He said: "In terms of structure, the engine is made of alloy cast iron, the cylinder block and cylinder liner are designed as a whole, and the collective inheritance of the water pump shell has compact structure and guaranteed reliability; each cylinder has a four valve structure and dual tangential air inlets, leading the technology; the plastic cover and built-in integrated labyrinth oil-gas separator have good separation effect and low oil consumption; the SOHC single overhead camshaft is adopted, which can simplify the valve distribution mechanism, reduce the weight of the engine and improve the transmission efficiency To reduce operating noise. "

not only that, the results of benchmarking similar products show that compared with international competitors, the optional air brake of Xichai 4db1 is more in line with China's light truck market, has outstanding advantages in low cost, and is equal in power and economy; Compared with domestic competitors, the cost difference is small, and the power, economy and reliability are better. It is efficient and reliable, and can fully meet the needs of users

it is reasonable to believe that the launch of Xichai 4db1 power is bound to become a new magic weapon for the competition of Xichai in the field of light power, striving to become the initiative in light truck, light bus, pickup truck and other market segments, and further creating a leading edge in market competitiveness

the market after the products with super long oil change cycle are launched with confidence

nowadays, the main battlefield of engine brand competition has moved back to the general trend of industry development

Zhang Dong, general manager of FAW Xichai sales company, pointed out that "the extra long oil change products have become the fuse of the efficiency revolution in the aftermarket, and the new direction and trend of the automotive industry in China and even the world."

he also took the example of Jiefang J6 pilot version equipped with 100000 km long oil change products to help users calculate an account. He said: "taking running 100000 kilometers as an example, the cost of maintenance alone can save nearly 5800 yuan. If you reduce 10 maintenance times to one maintenance, you can be on duty for 4.5 more days. The annual profit is 9864 yuan, and the annual average income is 800000 yuan. If you stop working for 2 days each year due to the lack of filtration system, you can avoid the loss of revenue of 4384 yuan. After improving the transportation efficiency, the cumulative annual revenue can be increased to more than 20000 yuan."

great vision and great profits. Many users who use the Jiefang J6 pilot version have tasted the benefits of the 100000 km long oil change and ultra long oil change cycle products. The products with ultra long oil change cycle will be launched into the market

for the light power sector, general assistant Zhang Dong also reported on the progress of the long-term oil change development project of Xichai Kangwei, he said: "at present, we have started the long-term oil change development of the whole platform, the bench verification of Kangwei platform has been completed, and it has entered the road test certificate stage. The development of the 40000 mile long oil change products of Kangwei is proceeding in an orderly manner, and the 4ww/4dx national V 40000 km oil change of Kangwei will be ready for mass launch on July 1, 2017."

smart upgrade core service provides users with comprehensive and accurate services

there is a saying in the industry: "dig deep into the post market potential, and those who win the post market will win the world." For a long time, we have been unremitting in providing users with professional, thoughtful and meticulous full-cycle services, so that FAW Xichai's product quality can be extended and improved in the hands of users, good reputation drives sales, market share has been greatly increased, and the scope of brand influence continues to expand

2013, Xichai Jingxin service brand was released, creating an industry precedent. Over the past three years, Jingxin service with "exquisite, lean and sincere" as the brand core has been familiar and favored by more and more users

Internet + is coming. FAW Xichai dares to have a taste of the new, and first embraces "Internet +". This is not a simple addition, but a broadening of thinking, finding a common point between traditional inheritance and innovative intelligence, and making good use of Internet thinking and means

on September 26, 2015, the smart Xichai app was grandly launched, and a heart bridge was built with users. With the power of wisdom, the smart core service network tends to be intelligent, opening up a number of service channels in the post market era, and the service efficiency has been significantly improved

Li Yan, vice president of FAW Xichai sales company, said: "Over the past year, more and more users have registered smart Xichai app. At the same time, it is found that some functions still have room to be improved. In order to further improve user perception, improve user stickiness, and improve the comprehensive service capability of smart core services, FAW Xichai has upgraded its service network intelligently and built a smart app with sales service and value improvement as the core. Therefore, this system has high accuracy. Smart Xichai app2.0 platform has also been officially released today."

the smart Xichai app service platform upgrade is of great significance to Xichai and users. Vice President Li Yan stressed: "connecting to the Internet +, the service has gained high praise from users and a new height of the service brand. We have moved from leading the industry into the 2.0 era of two-way interaction to the 3.0 era of universal interconnection. With smart core services and intelligent upgrading, we provide you with comprehensive and accurate butler services."

in order to let everyone have a more intuitive understanding of Xichai app 2.0, vice president Li Yan also presented the new version of Xichai app. On the new interface, Martin-

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