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Nepcon China is booming and making new achievements on May 13, 2011, Nepcon China successfully concluded in Shanghai. As the most important leading exhibition in the electronics manufacturing industry under Reed Exhibitions, Nepcon China 2011 has always attracted many leading SMT equipment manufacturers and material suppliers from around the world

during the exhibition, there were a large number of people in front of each exhibitor's booth. Among them, the latest manufacturing solutions launched by well-known manufacturers such as ambion, Agilent, SIPLACE, Sony, Hitachi, Samsung, Panasonic, Fuji, universal instruments, Henkel, Yamaha, Tokyo heavy machinery, Deke, Dage, and Schinke attracted people's attention. In addition, nearly 100 exhibitors, such as bentron, Weite technology, Gaodian, pimsy, Sony Ericsson, Xi'an Chunqiu, Yaskawa electric, vitrox and nuoyin Electromechanical, made their debut at Nepcon, and they all performed well

nepcon China has fully demonstrated that China's electronic manufacturing industry has regained its vitality after the global financial crisis. The overall scale of Nepcon China 2011 has reached 32000 square meters, with more than 500 exhibitors from 22 countries and regions, and 14428 visitors evaluating more than 1000 kinds of electronic manufacturing equipment and related consumables on site

the key factor for the success of this exhibition is to attract visitors from all fields of China's electronic manufacturing industry. This year's exhibition not only attracted professional visitors from East China and South China, but also attracted visitors from emerging regions such as West China, central China and North China. At the same time, in addition to traditional fields such as communication electronics, home appliances, PC manufacturing, there are many professional visitors from automotive electronics, led, solar photovoltaic and other fields

as China has evolved from a world factory to an important international creative center, the demand for the electronics industry is also growing. Nepcon China 2011 has been particularly successful in showing cutting-edge electronic manufacturing, and the audience has the opportunity to leave the site at a short distance to observe the demonstration of new products and technologies. High efficiency, energy saving and innovation are becoming an important part of the mainstream of electronic manufacturing. Many well-known manufacturers at the exhibition site, such as Siemens, Fuji, Agilent, Samsung, youer Beizhi, Deke, BTU, and sinogael exhibitors have released their new technologies and processes first launched in Asia or China

nepcon China 2011, SMTA East China high tech Conference; Green electronics design and manufacturing Forum; 2011 Seminar on anti-static and purification of new products and technologies; Engineer salon and SMT House member meeting; A series of technical meetings and exchange activities, such as the third China Electronics manufacturing and SMT industry engineer selection and award ceremony, came on stage one after another, comprehensively presenting the development trend of SMT and electronics manufacturing. These activities enable participants to share best practices, evaluate the latest technological solutions, and become new ways for them to find ways to improve their market competitiveness

this year, Nepcon China 2011 launched a new green electronic design and manufacturing exhibition area, which became one of the highlights of the whole venue, mainly displaying energy-saving, environmental friendly and sustainable electronic manufacturing related equipment, products and services. In addition to the original audience of Nepcon, the exhibition area also attracts visitors from more professional fields, such as environmental safety and protection, supply chain/material management, factory affairs and other directly related departments

many well-known manufacturers regard Nepcon as the most dynamic platform in Asia to display the latest products. Yangping Sato, the customer manager of Fuji Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., said: Nepcon China is an excellent opportunity for us to improve our brand image, release new products, maintain customer relations and expand sales channels. Therefore, we chose Nepcon China as the first platform for the company's new products in Asia

Yasuo Yamada, FA Institute of Panasonic electric machinery (China) Co., Ltd., said: as one of the authoritative events in China's electronics manufacturing industry, Nepcon China exhibition is undoubtedly a wise choice for us to choose it as the first Asian platform for the company's new npm-w product.

in addition to exhibitors, visitors also gave great praise to the gbt4341 ⑵ 001 metal shore hardness test method Nepcon China. Zhaoguozhong, plant manager of SMT branch of Tianjin Tongguang Group Digital Communication Co., Ltd., said: Nepcon China 2011 was a great success. We saw the full range of test equipment and peripherals we wanted to buy. It is expected that Nepcon will become a channel for us to collect new information next year

it is reported that Nepcon China in 2012 will be held in the Shanghai WorldExpo exhibition hall from April 25 to 27. At that time, it will provide participants with a first-class exhibition experience. It will release the productivity and creativity that can change the industry!. After moving to a new exhibition hall with advanced facilities, Reed Exhibitions will continue its commitment to provide excellent exhibition tubes. Therefore, Reed Exhibitions should choose a single rod piston cylinder management service and trade platform to benefit the entire electronic manufacturing industry

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