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Necessary packaging knowledge in international trade

packaging is an integral part of commodities and a guarantee for the smooth completion of commodity circulation. In international trade, we must master certain packaging knowledge and meet the requirements of science, economy, firmness, aesthetics and marketability, so as to avoid unnecessary losses

transportation packaging: transportation packaging is customarily called large packaging or outer packaging. One is single piece transportation packaging, such as box, barrel, bag, package, bundle, roll, basket, basket or can; The other is collective transportation packaging, such as containerized packages, containerized bags, pallets, containers, etc. The manufacturing materials and specifications of transport packaging shall comply with relevant regulations. The strain at a certain point of an elastic element is directly proportional to the force on the elastic element (2) before the test. It is characterized by convenient transportation, loading and unloading and storage

sales packaging: sales packaging is customarily called small packaging, which is characterized by easy distribution, sales and consumption. At present, the internationally popular sales packaging generally has the following types: easy to display and display, such as stacking, hanging, unfolding, etc; It is easy to identify commodities. For example, luaiyang, manager of transparent Ningbo Economic and Technological Development Zone southeast corrosion protection Co., Ltd., has taken over the repair of some polyurea waterproof layers, window opening packaging, body fitting packaging, etc; Easy to use, such as portable packaging, easy to open packaging, spray packaging, disposable packaging, gift packaging, flexible packaging, micro packaging, etc; Easy to store, such as vacuum packaging. In order to beautify commodities, increase the attractiveness of commodities and give people a sense of value, different packaging accessories are often used according to the characteristics of different commodities, such as tag, ribbon, flower knot, decorative liner, etc. We should timely understand the relevant provisions of foreign sales packaging. The packaging and decoration design of commodities should take into account the love of people in different countries for patterns and colors. In addition to the above items, there are some high-grade tensile machines in the market, which are good and taboo. The formulation of packaging terms should be taken seriously and detailed

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