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The market for NC transformation of ordinary machine tools has a bright future

the demand change of the machine tool industry is often accompanied by the industrial development of the country. With the improvement of the production precision and efficiency of machine tool products, the market prospect of CNC machine tools in China also changed in 2013. Since 2002, China has become the largest consumer of machine tools in the world. With the development of automation industry, the industrial structure of machine tools in China has been continuously adjusted. With the progress of technology, it has also accelerated the transformation of sustainable development and new industrialization

at present, most of the machine tools used in China are ordinary machine tools. The number of ordinary machine tools is huge, and the safety problem is prominent. Therefore, security has become a major obstacle to its development. Increase the safety performance and improve the intrinsic safety level of the machine, that is, solve the problems of low numerical control, frequent personal injury accidents, low safety level and low production efficiency by recycling the bed

after the NC transformation of ordinary machine tools, the machining efficiency, automation and intelligence of machine tools can be greatly improved. The possibility of the operator contacting the dangerous parts is reduced; The operating system and operation interface are more and more in line with the requirements of ergonomics, which can effectively reduce the error rate of operators and reduce accidents caused by errors. After the numerical control transformation of the machine tool, the safety performance has been significantly improved, and the accident rate has been significantly reduced, which will bring huge safety effect and realize the historic leap from big to strong? This benefit

compared with the purchase of new machine tools, the NC transformation of ordinary machine tools is especially obvious for large and special machine tools. Relevant experts said that in general, the domestic demand for MDI in 2001 was 226000 ton machine tool transformation, which only required 1/3 of the purchase cost of new machine tools. At the same time, the numerical control transformation can also save the corresponding energy consumption and pollution emissions caused by all the renewal. The transformation and renewal of many ordinary machine tools can form a market demand for renewal of hundreds of billions of yuan and play a certain role in maintaining economic growth

according to the previous transformation experience, after the NC transformation of ordinary machine tools, the efficiency of machine tools has been significantly improved. Originally, one machine tool needs to be controlled by one person. After the transformation, one worker can control two machine tools at the same time. After the transformation, the machining accuracy of the machine tool is greatly improved, and the scrap rate caused by human errors is significantly reduced. Moreover, it reduces the labor intensity of workers, saves labor, shortens the trial production cycle and production cycle of new products, and brings huge economic benefits to the enterprise so far

from the perspective of the development of the machine tool industry, remanufacturing is the most effective way to reuse CNC machine tools. At present, the domestic CNC machine tool market is huge. We should use new technology to transform traditional industries, which can not only improve technological innovation, but also rapidly develop emerging industries

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