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Many consumers have certain requirements for the quality of decoration when decorating their homes, but they have no specific scale and concept in their hearts, and their requirements for decoration technology are blank. Therefore, there are many decoration disputes. Especially in the process of home decoration, how to avoid the phenomenon of Jerry building

◆ workers perfunctory business owners suffer losses at home

in home decoration, some problems are caused by workers perfunctory. For example, at the junction of some walls with doors and windows, especially at the junction of two different colors of paint, workers are often the most perfunctory. In fact, joint treatment is very important, once handled improperly, it will affect the overall decoration effect. When the two colors of paint are connected, the adhesive tape must be pasted on the edge of the first color, and then the paint of the other color should be painted. When the construction is completed and the adhesive tape is removed, the joint will be very neat

buried pipes must be slotted on the wall and ground, but some construction personnel carry out brutal construction during slotting, which is easy to damage the bearing structure of the building and may also cause damage to other nearby pipelines. Therefore, we must confirm the direction and position of the pipeline with the construction team before construction, and design the slotting requirements for the wall structure. In addition, it should be noted that the bearing wall is not allowed to be slotted, and the wall with insulation layer is not suitable for slotting, and the slotting on the ground should avoid damaging the floor

◆ improper base treatment seriously affects the decoration quality

the ground of most houses is not flat enough, and it needs to be re leveled during family decoration. If workers are not careful enough, or deliberately rough, it is easy “ The more you find, the more uneven ”. However, if cement mortar is widely used in construction, the ground load will be increased and hidden dangers will be brought to the safety of the building. Gong Tingxi said: “ Before leveling the ground, it is necessary to do a good job in the base treatment of the ground, and then level the ground with cement mortar (use a special level to determine the flatness of the whole ground)& rdquo;

before painting emulsion paint and paving wall and floor tiles, the base treatment of the wall and floor should be done well. If workers cut corners during construction, such as paving wall and floor tiles directly on the surface of lime mortar, paper reinforced lime paste, lime paste, machete lime paste and latex paint, it is difficult to paste firmly, and hollowing will appear soon; The putty on the wall is uneven and smooth. After the emulsion paint is applied, the color difference will appear on the wall, and in serious cases, the emulsion paint will change color and fall off

there are also some “ Facet ” In the decoration acceptance project quality, it can not be ignored& ldquo; Facet ” It refers to those small places that are not easy to see and people don't pay much attention to, such as the bottom of the window sill, the inside of the heating cover, the upper edge of the door, etc. these places are most likely to be the most prone to Jerry building

◆ Jerry built water and electricity is very easy to leave hidden dangers

in home decoration, almost all wires are threaded in PVC pipes and then buried in the wall. As the wire is in the PVC pipe, the owner cannot see it. If the workers do not operate carefully, it is easy to cause the wire to kink and bury hidden dangers in the pipe. If workers deliberately cut corners and use wires with connectors or thread multiple wires in the same PVC pipe, the consequences will be more serious. Gong Tingxi said: “ For this part of the project, it is best to supervise the workers' operation on site, and conduct power on inspection after installation, and also draw ‘ Pipeline route diagram ’, That is, the specific direction of the wire in the wall, the size of the floor, the ground and the adjacent wall, the position of the joint in the pipeline, etc., so that it can be repaired in time in case of failure& rdquo;

when installing sockets, switches and lamps, if the electrician does not wire according to the construction requirements, the owner is likely to overheat or even burn the switches and sockets when using water heaters, air conditioners and other electrical appliances with large power consumption, thus causing great losses to the owner. Strict supervision must be carried out during construction. After the installation of all switches and sockets, they should also be actually used to check whether there is heating in all parts

in order to save trouble, some decoration workers will pour a large amount of cement, sand, concrete fragments into the sewer during construction, resulting in poor drainage in the kitchen and bathroom. Gong Tingxi reminded the decoration owner that in addition to strengthening supervision during construction, after the waterway construction is completed, all basins, basins, bathtubs, etc. should be filled with water, and then water should be discharged at the same time to see whether the drainage is smooth and whether the pipeline leaks




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