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Household shoe racks are mainly simple, easy to install, cheap and so on. It is loved by more and more people. However, the different quality and price of various shoe racks on the market make people feel at a loss when buying. The following editor will introduce how to choose a suitable home shoe rack

how to choose a suitable home shoe rack

1. Choose the size of the shoe rack according to the number of shoes

there are many sizes of the shoe rack. For friends with more shoes, you can choose the larger size shoe rack, while friends with fewer shoes can choose the smaller size shoe rack

2. Choose shoe racks of different materials according to the place of placement

because both wooden and plastic shoe racks cannot be placed in the sun, because they are easy to age and crack in the sun. If the shoe rack is placed on the balcony or outdoors, it is best to choose a metal shoe rack when shopping, with a longer service life

3. Style consistency

the style of shoe rack is best consistent with the decoration style. Generally speaking, wooden shoe rack will be more natural and simple; The metal shoe rack and plastic shoe rack will pay more attention to modern style

4. Color consistency

the color of the shoe rack should match the color of home decoration, so it looks more coordinated. The color of the wooden shoe rack is lighter, the color of the metal shoe rack will be darker, and the color choice of the plastic shoe rack is more

5. Whether the shoe rack has a compartment

in order to reduce costs, some manufacturers will remove the compartment when the shoe rack is produced. The shoe rack with a partition layer can prevent the soil on the sole from falling onto the surface of the shoes below

6. Whether the shoe rack is closed

for the closed shoe rack, it not only insulates the foreign bodies of the shoes, but also looks beautiful

editor's summary: that's all for how to choose a suitable home shoe rack. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more about it, you can pay attention to the information




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