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Count the balcony decoration details of second-hand houses

>& gt;& gt; When choosing a frameless balcony, pay attention to five elements

the balcony is a transitional space between indoor and outdoor, and it is an ideal place to breathe fresh air and bathe in warm sunshine. Standing on the balcony, people can not only look out from the railing, but also dry clothes, raise flowers and plants, and paint life to add a leisurely and complacent interest

general balconies can be divided into inner balconies and outer balconies: the inner balcony adopts aluminum alloy windows or plastic steel windows to isolate from the outside; The outer balcony is open to the outside and not closed

when designing the inner balcony, the following four points are mainly considered:

(1) when closing the balcony, the lower opening of the window is the most prone to water seepage. The usual practice is to reserve a 2cm gap under the window, and then fill it with cement. It is best to seal it with a special foaming agent to avoid water seepage

(2) it is better to choose stone as the sill plate, because compared with wooden sill plate, stone has the characteristics of waterproof, sunscreen and non cracking

(3) the floor laying of the inner balcony is consistent with that of the room, which can expand the space

(4) there are many methods for the ceiling of the balcony. Grape trellis ceiling, painted glass ceiling, decorative false beam, etc. If the area of the balcony is small, you can use the ceiling to avoid downward pressure

when designing the outer balcony, the following three points should be considered:

(1) the color matching of wall and floor tiles should be coordinated with the outer wall. The size of floor tiles and wall tiles should be determined according to the area of the balcony, and the floor drain should be reserved in case

(2) some flower racks can be made on the balcony, which can not only plant flowers and plants, but also place bonsai, or raise birds and fish. Generally, a water bucket is installed for watering and cleaning

(3) on the top of the balcony, a lifting clothes rack can be installed, which is beautiful and convenient. In the reinforced concrete unit building, the closest space to nature is the balcony

people used to equate balconies with utility rooms and laundry rooms; After the balcony was closed, it became a small room again. With the improvement of people's economy and living environment, the balcony has finally recovered its "true colors", and truly become a special space for people to contact the sun, breathe nature and enjoy life. It is also common practice to transform the balcony

due to different room areas and personal preferences, the transformation, decoration and layout of balconies are also very different

in some families with small living area, it is more often to use the enclosed balcony as a bedroom. Many people turn the balcony into a children's room or a kitchen or restaurant. It should be noted that the selected balcony has limited load-bearing, and too heavy furniture and items cannot be shelved, otherwise it will affect the stability of the building and living safety

balcony as a leisure place is currently popular in Hangzhou home decoration. There is also attention to flower cultivation, tea tasting and fitness on the balcony. For example, when arranging the balcony with green plants, it is necessary to make a waterproof layer to ensure the smoothness of the drainage system and avoid seeping water into the room; In addition, flowers and plants should choose species with high insect resistance, and the planting Belt should be separated from the room to prevent insects and ants from entering the house

at present, many newly-built houses have two or even three balconies. Then we must distinguish the primary and secondary in the design

the balcony adjacent to the living room and master bedroom is the main balcony, and its function is mainly leisure. The use of decorative materials should be consistent with the living room, and the difference should not be too great. The commonly used flooring materials include laminate flooring, floor tiles, etc. if the sealing is done well, carpets can also be paved. Generally, the interior wall emulsion paint is used on the wall and top, and the variety and style should be consistent with the living room and master bedroom

the main functions of the secondary balcony are storage, clothes drying, etc. Therefore, when the balcony is decorated, the ground should adopt non slip floor tiles that are not afraid of water, and the top and walls should adopt exterior wall paint





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