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Different levels of club decoration should use different materials according to the fate of the owner, and the Feng Shui requirements of different club decoration are also different. Now let's take a look at the decoration of various clubs, Feng Shui

all kinds of club decoration Feng Shui

the layout of club decoration plants should pay attention to Feng Shui taboos

Ganoderma lucidum

Ganoderma lucidum is an auspicious plant, because it is endowed with a symbol of auspiciousness. So in the club, we can hang some pictures with Ganoderma lucidum, which can bring auspicious wealth to the operation of the club. For example, we often machete some deer mouths or crane mouths with Ganoderma lucidum, which are written on behalf of birthday celebrations, and plum blossom has five petals, which are considered to be five auspicious gods. Therefore, in Chinese decoration geomancy, it has " Plum blossom brings five blessings " It is suitable for use in guest rooms

rubber tree

this kind of tree comes from India and Southeast Asia, but the trunk of rubber tree is very straight and straight. The leaves are also thick, with a lot of luster, and the reproductive ability is very strong, so the plants are easy to cultivate, so it is better to cultivate some rubber trees in the club, which can create a charming environment and prosper at the same time

fortune tree

fortune tree is a very auspicious plant in Chinese decoration Feng Shui. The characteristics of fortune tree must have thick stems, sharp leaves, and green. However, fortune tree is resistant to seeds and is very easy to grow, full of vitality and vitality

Feng Shui precautions for the decoration of leisure clubs

first of all, it is very important to create an atmosphere during the decoration of leisure clubs, which should be integrated with the surrounding environment. This is the most basic embodiment of Feng Shui. The quality of the environment and atmosphere of the leisure club not only affects the emotional changes of consumers, but also indirectly affects the future development of the club. The atmosphere is mainly created by lighting design. Being angry in Feng Shui is bright, otherwise it is dead, so lighting is very important. In many cases, natural light cannot be used. In this case, lighting lamps should be used instead

in the decoration design of leisure clubs, the overall planning of leisure clubs is also an important reason affecting the overall effect. There are many projects that may be involved in the design of the club. Therefore, we should have a reasonable overall space layout. If there is no reasonable space layout, it will bring great trouble to the overall operation in the later stage. Therefore, the design of various facilities must be reasonably coordinated, and attention must be paid to the reasonable layout of the leisure club space, which can leave a good and perfect impression on the audience

it is also important to have a reasonable match between the main color of the overall decoration of the leisure club and the lighting. For leisure clubs, blue, purple and red are widely used. Blue has fatal allure. Purple has an ambiguous feeling, while red is more dynamic. It is suggested that you should try to avoid yellow when decorating the club. Yellow will bring you a sense of wealth and oppression. The hue of the club decoration should also be coordinated with the color of the lights

when decorating the leisure club, we must pay attention to the feng shui of the hall. The hall is the key to gather wealth and popularity, so the feng shui of the hall is essential. The decoration of the hall should not be too luxurious. In Feng Shui, the hall should be noble and elegant. Remember that the colors should not be too many, so it is easy to give everyone a sense of confusion

the above are some Feng Shui problems that need to be paid attention to when decorating the leisure club brought by oriental charm designers. Good feng shui can bring better development to the leisure club, so Feng Shui problems must be paid attention to in place, so that later development will be profitable and good things will continue

Feng Shui taboo of Chinese Club decoration

1. Site selection of the club: when the transportation is prosperous

a house with the rise and fall of the transportation will have a positive influence on the operators, guide people to a favorable management concept and make correct decisions, which will help the operation and development of enterprises. How to choose dangyunwang? The simplest way is to inquire and understand what kind of industry the building used to be and how its business condition was as a judgment reference when renting or purchasing an old house as a store or business purpose. Recommended reading: how to arrange the Feng Shui Bureau in the entertainment and leisure club

2. Avoid rushing

if there is a road directly in front of the building where the club is located, or there are electric poles, transformers, chimneys, sharp corner doors or windows of the building, it is called an offender “ Chong Sha ”. If the property is different from “ Chong Sha ” If we get together far away, it won't be a big obstacle, but for safety reasons, we need to put a Tulle curtain cover in the window or dissolve it with a Feng Shui brake mirror

3. Sit properly

sitting on the mountain of the club building should not only promote good luck, but also “ Life meets three harmonies ”. Before the office building construction planning, the compass can be used to determine the eight trigrams. Choose the auspicious mountain and use it, and avoid the vicious mountain and evil direction. In front of the door of the club, don't directly face down the stairs or elevators

4. The terrain should be low in the front and high in the back.

when choosing a club, it is better to be low in the front and high in the back, which means to rise step by step. Don't be high in the front and low in the back, otherwise you will lose step by step. If there is an open space in front of the building, the vision will be wide and the market can be expanded smoothly. In addition, the left and right buildings should be symmetrical, which is conducive to stabilizing employees' emotions, promoting good communication, solidarity and cooperation with each other, and thus conducive to the development of the cause

5. Choose a good neighbor

Feng Shui theoretically believes that the environmental field has a direct impact on the human field. The real estate where the club is located should be avoided near temples, prisons, etc

6. The geographical environment is suitable

you can choose the area with wide business, fresh air, bright light and no noise in the scene as the club place. In Feng Shui, pay attention to “ Angry &rdquo& ldquo; Invigorating Qi ”, In addition, we should also pay attention to “ Popularity ”. Here “ Popularity ” We should consider not only the popularity of the surrounding environment, but also the popularity of countries and regions. In a sparsely populated place, no matter how hard you try, it is difficult to establish a successful large enterprise. Therefore, the location of the club should first choose the geographical location with dense population and fast flow around




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