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On May 12, 2008, the Wenchuan earthquake in Sichuan Province shocked the whole country. The disaster was serious and affected the hearts of the people all over the country. Shike China was concerned about the earthquake stricken area and has been paying close attention to the progress of disaster relief. Subsequently, Shike employees in Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong were organized to donate money to the people suffering in the earthquake stricken area in Sichuan. In the spirit of solidarity and mutual assistance in the face of difficulties on one side and support from all sides, we will actively participate and do our best to convey love to the compatriots suffering in the earthquake stricken areas. It is reported that many employees of Shike China have not donated money and materials to the earthquake stricken areas for the first time

as a member of corporate citizens, Shike China has always paid attention to the progress and development of society and public needs such as resisting disasters, and regarded charitable donation as an important way to fulfill social obligations. At present, the money is being counted and ready to be delivered to the Guangzhou Red Cross Society to convey the disaster area, hoping to help the compatriots who suffered in the earthquake overcome their difficulties for the equipment manufacturers of recycled plastic granulator. Let's pray for the disaster stricken compatriots to provide longer service life than metal hard valve seat or other thermoplastic soft valve seat. May the dead rest in peace and the living be strong

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