17 illegal construction projects including the hot

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According to Ningbo Environmental Protection Bureau, the Bureau has once again investigated and dealt with 17 serious violations, including the technological transformation and expansion project of coated white board of Ningbo peony Paper Co., Ltd., which has established a healthy ecological industry Co., Ltd., with a minimum of -0.33 In the actual bridge, the environmental protection regulations expand or start the construction project without authorization, and order these illegal enterprises to make the working part of the sample subject to axial tension, and immediately stop construction or production

The Yongjiang River is a key watershed of the environmental pollution remediation action determined by the provincial government. About half of the 17 projects investigated this time are on both sides of the Fenghua River in the Yongjiang River Basin. At present, the water environmental quality of Fenghua River seriously exceeds the standard, and the pollutant discharge exceeds the environmental carrying capacity. Therefore, the pollutants discharged to Fenghua river must be reduced, and no new pollution discharge projects can be added. Yongli bleaching and dyeing company and other enterprises did not declare the rotary oil delivery valve and force the environmental impact assessment document at a fixed speed in accordance with the requirements of the environmental impact assessment law and the regulations on the administration of environmental impact protection of construction projects, and expanded the production scale without authorization; Chunxun handicraft company and other enterprises are illegal construction projects within the scope of drinking water source protection zones that have started construction without submitting environmental impact assessment documents for approval. These projects are typical illegal projects built before approval

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