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Nanjing: 150 5g base stations have been set up for "smart" street lights


which can not only illuminate, but also load 5g base stations. You can click for help to monitor environmental quality, garbage cans and manhole covers... On the 26th, it was learned from Nanjing urban administration that these smart street lights have appeared on the streets of Nanjing. This year, Nanjing has built 150 5g base stations based on street lighting facilities, ranking first in the country, laying the foundation for the full deployment of 5g base stations in 2020

Nanjing Jiangdong Road is loaded with 5g base station 4. Antioxidant and light stabilizer smart street lamp. The manhole cover, garbage can, air quality, etc. provided by the interviewees can be monitored

if the manhole cover is moved, or the top of the garbage can is filled, or the water level exceeds the warning line and PM2.5 exceeds the standard, the alarm device will be triggered. These signals will be transmitted to nearby street lights. Recently, in the area of 1.7 square kilometers around the Yecheng road of Nanjing Youth Olympic Games, smart street lights are loaded with more than 10 functions, such as video monitoring, 5g base station, smart well cover, water level detection, smart trash can, WiFi, information release screen, dust suppression system, site air and dust detection system, forming smart brains

in Nanjing's densely populated Confucius Temple area, the smart street lights in dashiba Street cover functions such as base station, video, display screen, interactive screen, radio, one click Help, convenient charging and so on, providing convenient services to citizens and tourists

Jin anfan, Secretary of the Party committee and director of Nanjing Urban Management Bureau, introduced that the street lamp management office of Nanjing Urban Management Bureau, through the "smart street lamp" as the starting point, has formed an urban lighting information integrated operation platform and a single lamp monitoring and scheduling platform, and independently developed a special definition of single lamp control: parallel to the back plate of disc brake block or drum brake shoe edge technology and some intelligent devices, To a large extent, it solves the problems of information data entry and power supply guarantee. Through the transformation of the existing street lamp facilities with a single lamp, it can complete the intelligent transformation of oil filling and oil drainage of the lamp pole at a lower cost and faster speed without having to push down and rebuild. 5

more importantly, some of these "smart" street lights are also loaded with 5g base stations. "This year, Nanjing has set up 150 5g base stations based on street lighting facilities. 5g networks along Jiangdong Road and Confucius Temple scenic area, which rely on smart poles, can already provide a good network experience for the general public. The scope and number of such experiments rank among the top in the country, forming an effective verification and laying a good foundation for the full deployment of 5g base stations in 2020." Jin anfan said

the smart streetlights on dashiba street in Nanjing Confucius Temple are loaded with 5g base stations, surveillance video, information release, one click Help, convenient charging, broadcasting and other functions. Photo provided by the interviewee

in 2022, the light poles of the main roads in Nanjing can be loaded with applications

why set up 5g base stations on smart street lights? Wang Wei, general manager of Jiangsu future urban public space development and Operation Co., Ltd. of the street lamp management office of Nanjing Urban Management Bureau, said that the 5g frequency band puts forward extremely high requirements for the continuous coverage of base stations, and the number of 5g base stations will be 1 of 4G Times. As the most widely distributed and dense municipal facilities, street lamps can meet the site requirements of 5g ultra dense group. The distance between 5g base stations is generally meters, while the distance between street light poles is generally meters

in addition, the street lamp has a complete power supply system, which can solve the problems of cable laying and power connection in the construction of 5g base station. With the lamp pole as the carrier of 5g base station, there is no need to set up another pole to connect the power cable, so as to avoid the secondary excavation of the city, reduce the repeated investment in infrastructure construction, reduce the operation and maintenance, management costs, and make the smart lamp pole "multi-purpose"

The "combination" of

5g and smart streetlights will introduce the upgrading of Jinan gold testing material experimental machine manufacturer for the construction of smart Nanjing. According to the relevant person in charge of the street lamp management office of Nanjing Urban Management Bureau, the 5g base station, monitoring video, environmental monitoring and other applications loaded by smart street lamps can complete the data collection and analysis, and can help city managers judge the urban operation more accurately and quickly, reasonably allocate public resources, and optimize convenient services

the construction of smart street lights does not need to be rebuilt throughout the city. According to the person in charge, combined with the self owned technology of the successful pilot, with the new construction or reconstruction of roads, the geographical length can reach about 150 kilometers per year

it is reported that by 2022, the light poles on the main roads in Nanjing can be loaded with applications, such as connecting power and processing data, so as to better perceive the operation of the city and help the construction of a smart city

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