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Dongguan Nine Dragons will raise the price by 100 yuan/ton. Shenyang Nine Dragons plans to shut down at the end of the month. Release date: Source: China paper magazine

after the double holiday, Shanying paper took the lead in raising the price, Liwen paper followed, while nine dragons paper, as the leader of the domestic packaging paper industry, has not seen any price adjustment. Now it has entered the middle of October, the market has already risen, and the news of Nine Dragons' price adjustment has finally come - from October 19, nine dragons in Dongguan will increase the price by 100/ton

Dongguan Nine Dragons will increase the price by 100/ton: in the afternoon of October 16, many insiders revealed to the author that Dongguan Nine Dragons issued a price adjustment notice: since October 19, the price of diniu, dizai and jiangzai has increased by 1, and the direct reading figure is quantified as 00/ton, the price of grey white board paper has increased by 100/ton, and the prices of other paper types remain unchanged for the time being. At the same time, other domestic paper mills are also successively issuing price increase letters

Zhejiang Minglu Holding Group Co., Ltd.: from October 19, its single-sided Coated Whiteboard products will be increased by 100/ton on the basis of the current price

Dongguan Jianhui Paper Co., Ltd.: from October 17, the sales price of all grades of gray coated white board will be increased by 100/ton on the basis of the original price; From November 1, the price of this product will rise by another 100/ton

Shenyang Nine Dragons plans to shut down at the end of the month

what comes out at the same time as nine dragons' price rise is also downtime for maintenance. From October 26 to November 11, Shenyang Nine Dragons pm37 paper machine and PM42 paper machine will be shut down and overhauled in turn. Among them, pm37 paper machine will be shut down for 3 days from November 9 to November 11, and PM42 paper machine will be shut down for 10 days from October 26 to November 4

at present, Shenyang Nine Dragons has two paper machines, pm37 and PM42, with an annual output of 350000 tons and 600000 tons of box board corrugated paper respectively. According to the calculation of production capacity, the shutdown is expected to reduce production by about 20000 tons

it is worth mentioning that according to the 2020 financial report of Nine Dragons Paper, Nine Dragons Paper will also plan to increase the annual production capacity of 600000 tons of wood pulp in Shenyang plant in the past two years

the paperboard Market closely followed the base paper market

also on October 16, the downstream corrugated paperboard Market also changed. Several paperboard factories in Guangdong, Hunan, Shanghai and other provinces issued price increase letters, with an increase of 3%-5%. The reason for the price increase was the rising cost of raw materials. A paperboard factory said: "so far, the cost of paperboard has been seriously upside down, and the enterprise operation is very difficult."

Shantou wanteng Paper Co., Ltd.: from 18:00 on October 16, the third floor will be increased by 0.03 per square meter, the fourth floor by 0.04 per square meter, the fifth floor by 0.05 per square meter, and the seventh floor by 0.07 per square meter. All orders notified of production will not be accepted

Yiyang HUAFA packaging materials Co., Ltd.: from the receipt of the order of 10akulon XS soft packaging film for food at 17:30 on August 16, the price will be increased by 3% on the basis of the original price

Shanghai jinruihai Packaging Technology Co., Ltd.: from 8:00 on October 16, the original discount will be increased by 3%, and the special price will be cancelled

Hunan Yongshun environmental protection materials Co., Ltd.: from 19:00 on October 17, it will take about five years for the price of cardboard to increase by 5% on the basis of the original discount

for the current market, the boss of a large cardboard factory in Zhejiang believes that the packaging demand will rise steadily before the "double 11", because many industries basically did not make inventory in the first half of the year due to the epidemic. At the same time, foreign epidemic prevention and control has not yet shown a stable trend, but the domestic economy has already begun to recover, and many foreign trade orders can only rely on made in China

from the raw material side, imported waste paper will be phased out in the fourth quarter, which will further aggravate the domestic waste paper shortage and affect the production capacity of high-quality base paper. For high-end paper mills, it is the key to obtain high-quality raw materials, and domestic waste paper is still difficult to replace imported waste paper due to fiber quality

at present, the fourth quarter has entered the second month, and the demand for orders has gradually increased. There have been letters of price increase in the cardboard market these days. Now, stimulated by the price increase news of Dongguan nine dragons, the downstream packaging market is afraid to continue to rise in a short time

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