15kw gasoline generator for the hottest bidding

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Special generator for bidding 15kw gasoline generator

serious oil leakage in oil circuit system or oil pipe rupture

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bidding public generator 15kw gasoline generator adopts the international advanced OHV design with overhead valves. The OHV four stroke gasoline engine has high efficiency in extinguishing fragmentation and ensures the stability of power input. Compared with SV four stroke gasoline engine, OHV gasoline engine improves the tightening ratio of fuel, increases power, increases carbon deposition, reduces fuel consumption, and ensures the best heat balance, which strengthens the durability of gasoline engine and delays its service life. There are Brush, brushless avr+ carbon brush voltage regulating assembly, so that the motor voltage is in a stable state, the motor operation is more stable, and the function is more reliable, and the dual voltage input motor is supplied according to the customer's demand

[business form]: transfer, pay treasure, company pick-up

[about products]: including 17% of value-added tax, excluding freight, and delivered 24 hours a day

warranty policy: our company has a professional after-sales service team, which supplies accessories all his life to provide customers with excellent and efficient services

options: there are many devices with starting current. When selecting the generator set, calculate the power at the same time. Customers who do not know can consult our task staff

purchase process: sign the purchase and sales treaty first, and the payment will arrive

logistics selection: we will send it to the logistics point closer to the customer according to the customer's environment, and we need to deliver it to the doorman for delay. However, the new runway materials produced by the machine Yong are favored by the market, which shows that innovation is the last word, but the mechanical performance is not as good as thermosetting plastics

machine receiving matters: check whether the goods are free of defects before receiving the goods, and then ask the majority of customers to pay attention to it before signing

this machine is debugged by the task staff before leaving the factory, and it can be used after adding fuel and engine oil to the machine

source: Shanghai oubao

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