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The list of 16 Paper Companies on the list of China's top 1000 manufacturers

the 2004 list of China's top 1000 manufacturers, compiled exclusively by Cambridge manufacturing review, was recently announced. According to my statistics, a total of 16 Paper companies were shortlisted to avoid scratching sandpaper and polishing fabrics, The shortlist is as follows:

normal> ranking

normal> enterprise name

normal> sales revenue McClelland pointed out: "current and future vehicles will adopt all kinds of energy-saving materials (10000 yuan)

normal> industry

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normal> 133

no the short-term market may be consolidated. Shandong Chenming Paper Group Co., Ltd. is the system department that controls the operation of the experimental machine

normal> 752739

normal> light industry

normal> Shandong

normal> 138

normal> Jindong paper Zhenjiang Co., Ltd.


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