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Shut down 157 Enterprises -- the local environmental protection is getting stronger and stronger

shut down 157 Enterprises -- the local environmental protection is getting stronger and stronger

February 28, 2019

the Hangzhou municipal government recently issued the notice on the plan for reaching the standard of atmospheric environment quality in Hangzhou within a time limit, proposing to build a special color wind corridor to promote the reaching the standard of atmospheric environment quality within a time limit

the notice pointed out that according to the special urban climate planning, the recovery of the international market, combined with the characteristics of the prevailing southwest wind in summer and the prevailing northerly wind in winter in Hangzhou, the Qiantang River, Tiaoxi, West Lake, Xianghu Lake, Jinsha lake and the surrounding hillsides, valleys and mountain pass exits in Hangzhou were listed as "clean" wind sources. Combined with the local dominant wind direction, ventilation capacity and ventilation potential, the "clean" wind sources and urban Research and build a characteristic primary ventilation corridor between thermal center clusters such as industrial areas, supplemented by secondary ventilation corridors and air polymer composites development trend: industrialization & nbsp; New & nbsp; The feasibility of functional guide channel, so as to adjust the urban thermal structure and alleviate the urban thermal environment

in order to implement the clear requirements of the 19th CPC National Congress on "adhering to the common governance of the whole people, source prevention and control, continuing to implement air pollution prevention and control actions, and winning the blue sky defense war" and the target requirements of building a "clean emission area" of the city's atmosphere put forward by the 12th municipal Party Congress, and continuously improve the quality of Hangzhou's atmospheric environment, this plan is formulated in combination with Hangzhou's urban master plan, which is related to papermaking The relevant contents of the printing industry are as follows:

first of all, optimize the industrial layout

according to the current situation of regional atmospheric environmental quality, implement the total amount control system of characteristic pollutants for all districts, counties (cities) Chinese coatings. Within the city's ecological protection red line, it is forbidden to build new productive projects that pollute the atmospheric environment. In principle, industrial projects that produce VOCs emissions will not be built or expanded within the six districts of Shangcheng, Xiacheng, Jianggan, Gongshu, West Lake and Binjiang

by 2021, the paper industry in Fuyang District, the chemical industry in Hangzhou Economic Development Zone, and the chemical fiber industry in Hangzhou dajiangdong industrial cluster will be closed and relocated, creating a harmonious "factory group relationship" in the city

secondly, we should eliminate backward production capacity

clarify the negative list of regional industrial development, and increase the elimination, shutdown and transformation of chemical enterprises in Hangzhou dajiangdong industrial agglomeration area, Fuyang District paper, chemical, smelting, Xiaoshan District printing and dyeing, chemical enterprises, and Jiande chemical enterprises in the next 20 years

by 2020, enterprises in small smelting, plastic granulation (including waste recycling), small chemical industry and other industries will be eliminated first, and enterprises in heavy polluting industries such as chemical industry, papermaking, smelting, casting, electroplating and so on that have not entered the Industrial Park (industrial agglomeration area) will be "replaced by birds"

by 2025, we will implement and complete the merger and reorganization of enterprises in key high energy consumption and heavy pollution industries such as papermaking, printing and dyeing, chemical industry, building materials, electroplating and smelting, and integrate them into industrial parks (industrial clusters)

in addition, we should promote cleaner production processes

the packaging and printing industry should promote production processes and equipment with low (no) VOCs emissions, and optimize drying technology. Promote the use of low (no) VOCs emission printing processes such as flexographic printing in the fields of paper product packaging and plastic flexible packaging

at the same time, it also lists the task list of industrial structure adjustment projects in various regions of Hangzhou, as well as the task list of VOC future s pollution control in regional characteristic industries. It is noteworthy that one rubber enterprise will be shut down in 2021, and 115 paper-making enterprises and 41 chemical enterprises will be shut down in 2020. The specific situation:

the Minister of environmental protection pointed out at the national ecological environment protection work conference that 2019 is the key year to fight the tough battle of pollution prevention and control and win a decisive victory in building a moderately prosperous society in all respects. This year, not only small and scattered pollution enterprises cannot survive, but some heavily polluting industries such as papermaking, printing and dyeing, packaging and printing will face stricter environmental protection law enforcement. Especially in the environment of local government adjusting industrial layout, industrial upgrading and planning to enter the park has become a general trend

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