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Dongguan photovoltaic successfully passed the most stringent PID test of TUV recently, Dongguan photovoltaic polycrystalline series modules successfully passed the most stringent PID test of TUV, marking that Dongguan photovoltaic modules have excellent performance, stable and reliable quality, and have reached the advanced level in the same industry

pid effect (potential induced degradation) is a phenomenon that the performance of components is reduced due to the continuous passage of high-intensity negative voltage. PID phenomenon is not uncommon in the operation process of power stations, and even can cause component power attenuation of more than 50% when it is serious, which has a serious impact on the power output of the whole power station. At present, more and more end-users of photovoltaic products pay attention to the phenomenon that P provides a comprehensive syringe system ID. therefore, PID free has become one of the most important certification standards for components for future reference. Component enterprises also take this as an important technical specification for product shipment

at present, the more rigorous PID test method recognized by the industry is 85 ℃ and 85% humidity, plus 1000V negative voltage, and test for 96h. This test was carried out under the most severe conditions in TUV Rheinland (Taiwan) laboratory, and the attenuation of front and rear power is not more than 2% (the test standard is ≤ 5%). Dongguan photovoltaic successfully passed the PID test this time, and the error of manual measurement is very large: its 1 ensures that customers can obtain the maximum use value, and further improves its popularity in the solar energy industry. Zhonghua glass () Department

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