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Optimization of machine tool enterprises: 15 tricks to improve the conversion rate of stations

Abstract: what is the conversion rate? Conversion rate refers to the proportion of converted visitors to all visitors who visit a station. The "transformation" mentioned here can be the transformation from a simple site visitor to a visitor participating in your site activities, or the transformation from a potential customer visiting your site to a formal customer of the product

the key and thorny thing to optimize a station is how to improve the overall conversion rate, which is one of the most important aspects of any marketing strategy, and improving the conversion rate of the station is the result of the comprehensive operation strength of the station. Improving the conversion rate of the station is inseparable from the construction of all aspects of the station

what is the conversion rate? Conversion rate refers to the proportion of converted visitors to all visitors who visit a station. The "transformation" mentioned here can be the transformation from a simple site visitor to a visitor participating in your site activities, or the transformation from a potential customer visiting your site to a formal customer of the product

1. The page of the station should be beautiful and atmospheric, with clear navigation and comfortable font. The beautiful and magnificent page enables visitors to have a sense of identity with your enterprise. In the hearts of the public, an enterprise with a good image is more trustworthy

2. The response speed of the station shall be recorded as far as possible if it can be recorded. The opening speed of the station is fast, and the page is not stuck slow, which will greatly improve the comfort of tourists when browsing the page. If a station is too laggy and the page can't be opened, tourists won't want to know more about the company's products. And filing can make the station more stable, so it is suggested that machine tool enterprises must file when building the station

3. It is suggested that the products corresponding to the keywords made by machine tool enterprise owners should be set at the top of the directory, and the first few rows of products on the home page should all correspond to the keywords made by the owners. For example, in the shop of Baoji Machine Tool in China machine tool business, the catalogue is set at the top left of the page, including the popular products of Baoji Machine tool, highlighting the main products of the enterprise. When such station stores are captured by Baidu, they can quickly identify the product optimization keywords of enterprise stores, so that stores can better have optimized rankings on Baidu. When tourists search for product keywords on Baidu, they can see the display of this shop page from the front

in addition, the products on the home page also correspond to the keywords that need to be optimized, so that not only the directory is more relevant to the products, but also Baidu can think that your enterprise station is more professional and targeted when searching

4. The pictures of product display should be clear. The station should be beautiful and atmospheric, and the picture display should also be clear. Product pictures can be taken with high-definition cameras, and material pictures can be handed over to professional stations for your enterprise's artistic design

5. In order to optimize the ranking better, in addition to optimizing the settings of several key product words, other words (including long tail words) on the catalog page and product page should also be set. The main keywords plus the additional keywords can better improve the optimization of the page. If you leave the optimization construction of the station to the service provider of network marketing to set up, the optimizer will set up your station, and the enterprise will save a lot of effort. Like China machine tool business, with a strong optimization team, you can be more worry free in station optimization

6. The contact information must be placed in the most obvious place (shown by the buoy on the right), and the contact information should be diverse, including, landline and. If tourists have purchase intention, they must let customers contact the business at the first time. However, there should not be too many pop-up contact information windows. If there are all pop-up chat windows on the page, it will appear very crowded and affect the appearance

7. Submit the display logo for standing in the background of Baidu. In this way, in the same ranking on the home page, the logo will be displayed on the display page of the enterprise, making your standing more prominent on a page, which is conducive to user access. If you have time, you can also guide tourists to evaluate your enterprise (or station) in Baidu evaluation. Praise can increase tourists' trust in the enterprise

8. Add contact information in the page description, so that users can make inquiries directly with you without entering the station in the search results

9. If conditions permit, the station should carry out or V authentication as far as possible, which can increase user trust

10. When designing banner pictures, try to optimize the product corresponding to the keyword, and add a link to the product detail page on the picture. Don't set pictures that are not related to the enterprise in the header of the station, which will make tourists feel that your enterprise is unprofessional

the shipping article displayed on the booth of Guangzhou Jiasu Jingji shop

11. Exciting words such as transaction cases and shipping information can be added to the station. Write more reports for your own enterprise, report the relevant information of the enterprise, so that customers can understand the development of the enterprise, know more about the enterprise, and understand the sales of the enterprise's products

12. If there are inquiry and inquiry link words on the station, be sure to check whether the function is normal. In order to avoid missing customers who come to inquire because of abnormal software

13. Add the FAQ section to set and answer questions from the perspective of users. Answer customers' questions that they want to know that photoelectric induction is one of the more advanced technologies, and communicate with customers more. Now in the machine tool industry, it is the general trend to customize for customers and supply on demand. In the era of Internet, it is possible to shorten the distance with customers through marketing platforms and social software after interviews and communication. For example, China Machine Tool Commerce recently launched the machine tool connect app, which has a similar function of timely inquiry (instant communication), which can help buyers and suppliers better connect

machine tool connect app makes communication more convenient. Android version has been downloaded in all major application markets with good sealing effect

14. Put the core words of the master in the master navigation

15. With the statistics of Baidu and 360, the actual traffic of the monitoring station is compared with that of peers. It is helpful to understand the traffic and effect brought by the establishment of the station, and can make real-time comparison to improve your own station

believes that no matter whether it is approved by FDA or not to entrust network marketing to professional companies, enterprises themselves should understand some knowledge about optimization. The above are the 15 tips shared to the majority of machine tool enterprises to improve the conversion rate of the station. If you do these 15 jobs well, your station will be able to go to a higher level and get more display opportunities on baidu home page

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