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Dongguan "manufacturing era" landed on CCTV industrial robots have become the core of China's intelligent development

with the popularity of the first Dongguan themed large-scale documentary "manufacturing era", a series of character stories in Dongguan manufacturing enterprises have appeared. The camera includes assembly line workers and product managers in intelligent manufacturing factories; Technicians at home and abroad in intelligent automobile manufacturing plants; Dyeing of clothing and knitwear; The story of enterprise R & D and innovation and the automatic production of robots in the whole industrial chain of Intelligent Manufacturing...

what impresses me most is the two highly contrasting scenes in the era of manufacturing, one of which is the frequently repeated work of workers in assembly line production; The other is robot programmed production and processing

in the manufacturing era of "fighting for jobs" with robots

the manufacturing industry is developing in the direction of intelligence, in which robots play a very important role. As more and more robots enter the factory, some cumbersome and complex operators have been replaced by robots. At present, with the disappearance of demographic dividends, difficulties in recruitment, low manufacturing efficiency and other industrial outlets, more and more industrial enterprises have begun to implement "machine replacement". Robots have become the most important turning point of the new industrial revolution, affecting the market pattern of the global manufacturing industry

according to the Research Report of an authoritative organization, the global business model and labor market will change significantly in the next five years. 1. An enterprise enters the graphene industry or cooperates with graphene related enterprises and research institutions. It is estimated that nearly 7.1 million jobs will disappear

by 2022, many jobs will be replaced by robots, and the demand of farmers will be reduced by 19%; The demand for postmen will be reduced by 28%; The demand for meter readers will be reduced by 19%; The demand for loggers will be reduced by 12%; The demand of travel agents will be reduced by 12%; The demand for financial accounting will be reduced by 4%; The demand for flight attendants will be reduced by 7%; The demand of lathe workers will be reduced by 6%; The demand for printing workers will be reduced by 5%...

with the further development of emerging industries such as artificial intelligence, the urgency of upgrading labor skills will continue to intensify. Labor needs to improve their labor skills to compete with robots and obtain the capital for survival and development

the industrial innovation of intelligent manufacturing, with the birth of high-tech and other emerging technologies, people have gradually been liberated from simple and cumbersome labor. Similar to Henry Ford who founded the automobile industry; Jobs, Bill Gates and others created the computer industry and so on, and a large number of new careers that we had never thought of before appeared

made in China has broken through in the direction of intelligence

since 2010, China has been known as "the largest country in the manufacturing industry". However, on the whole, China's manufacturing industry has some disadvantages, such as large but not strong, weak innovation, improper high-end supply, if not careful enough to scratch the sheet metal. Therefore, the film blown out of high-pressure PE is suitable for all kinds of fresh-keeping bags, and China's manufacturing industry is still at the middle and low-end level

facing the current situation, intellectualization is the only means for China to develop manufacturing industry and break through the industrial siege

China's manufacturing market size has become the world's largest manufacturing country as early as 2011. Since the reform and opening up, China's manufacturing industry has been deeply embedded in the globalization system

although China's manufacturing industry is still weak compared with the world level, and many core technologies and core devices, including chips, are still controlled by others, the development of China's manufacturing industry has also ushered in vitality in recent years. With the transformation and upgrading from "made in China" to "smart made in China", more and more scientific and technological achievements in the manufacturing industry have shown a "blowout" rise, and cutting-edge innovative technologies have gradually emerged

it is expected that China will usher in a large number of advanced intelligent products in 2035, such as intelligent household appliances, intelligent service robots, intelligent toys and so on. In addition, China has vigorously promoted the intelligent upgrading of major equipment in various fields and industries, especially the industrial upgrading of intelligent manufacturing equipment such as intelligent robots and intelligent machine tools

Refined mineral oil has a high resistance

in recent years, China's intelligent robots, CNC machine tools and other products continue to break through the bottleneck of research and development, and are deeply integrated with interconnection and other technologies. In the future, the new business model of manufacturing industry will also develop rapidly

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