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Dongguan furniture factory fire caused two deaths and five injuries, the boss returned to the fire to save people, both died

Dongguan furniture factory fire caused two deaths and five injuries, the boss returned to the fire to save people, both died

December 23, 2016

[China paint information] on December 20, Qishi Town Yixing furniture factory suddenly caught fire. After evacuating the workers in the workshop, Ding Xiangyang, a 36 year old factory owner, picked up a water gun to put out the fire, and several workers came forward to help. At this time, the paint ventilation pipe of the factory was detonated, and the workshop was immediately filled with toxic smoke

everyone quickly withdrew to escape, and Mei Yingkun, a worker, was trapped. After hearing Mei Yingkun's call for help, Ding Xiangyang returned to the workshop for rescue. As a result, he failed to escape from the fire, fell with Mei Yingkun, and died after rescue

on the 22nd, the other five injured in the fire accident were treated and were out of danger. At present, the cause of the accident is under further investigation

5 injured people have been out of danger

22 days in the morning, I came to Yixing furniture factory. Many windows and walls on the fourth and fifth floors of the factory have been blackened, and the glass of some windows has been broken. A cordon is still pulled outside the gate of the factory to prohibit personnel from entering

four injured workers were seen in the ward of Qishi hospital. The doctor in charge of their treatment said that the four injured people were burned to varying degrees, and their lungs were injured to varying degrees due to the inhalation of a large amount of toxic smoke. After treatment, their lives are not in danger at present. Another seriously injured worker, Wu tingjun, has been sent to Shilong hospital for treatment and is now out of danger

Ning Qiuhe, a 50 year old injured worker, told that he was working with his colleagues in the finished product packaging workshop on the fifth floor when suddenly a cry of "fire" came from the roof. Ding Xiangyang, the factory owner, and Mr. Wu, another person in charge, came to the workshop, quickly evacuated the workers in the workshop, and then grabbed the fire water gun to put out the fire

six workers, including Ning Qiuhe, immediately came forward to help Ding Xiangyang and Mr. Wu put out the fire. Just then, with a sudden bang, their workshop was instantly filled with thick smoke and dust

"the smoke filled the whole workshop, and I couldn't see anything clearly, and it became difficult to breathe." Ning Qiuhe said. Meanwhile, he heard Mei Yingkun, his workmate, calling for help "come and save me", and the cry for help became weaker and weaker. "At this time, I also felt dizzy, and there was no specific differentiation of hardness such as Rockwell hardness (HRC) and Brinell hardness (HB)." Ning Qiuhe said that out of his instinct to survive, he tried his best to climb in the direction of the stairs, and finally climbed to a balcony on the fifth floor. At this time, he saw Ding Xiangyang, who had run to the balcony, running to the workshop again

"the smoke on the balcony was not as big as the simple process line. After a rest, I felt my breathing improved. At this time, the fire burned in the direction of Chaoyang terrace, and I hurried to jump from the balcony on the fifth floor to the balcony on the fourth floor." Ning Qiuhe said that in this way, he jumped floor by floor, and finally jumped to the first floor. Then he fainted and woke up in the hospital bed. Other workers Ning Xiangqiu, Jing Liangtian, Li Liangjun and Wu tingjun also escaped in this way

however, Mei Yingkun, the worker who called for help, and Ding Xiangyang, the boss who called for help, failed to come out

the boss died after returning to the fire

Ning Qiuhe, Ning Xiangqiu, Jing Liangtian and others said that if the boss Ding Xiangyang did not return to save Mei Yingkun, he would not die

Ning Qiuhe said that Ding Xiangyang immediately went to put out the fire after evacuating the workers. Later, the paint ventilation pipes on the fourth and fifth floors exploded. At that time, if Ding Xiangyang hadn't run back to save Mei Yingkun, he wouldn't have an accident

worker Luo Jun said that after the incident, with the consent of the fire officers and soldiers, he wore an oxygen shield and entered the fire scene with the fire officers and soldiers to search for Ding Xiangyang and Mei Yingkun, and found them at the corner of the fifth floor to the sixth floor

"Ding Xiangyang and Mei Yingkun lie flat on a base metal. It has become normal since the excess supply and demand of basic metals has become redundant, and Mei Yingkun's body is still pressed on Ding Xiangyang." Luo Jun said that this showed that Ding Xiangyang found Mei Yingkun after returning, and then the two fled together. Unexpectedly, they couldn't escape

Ding Xiangyang's sister said that his brother was very kind and upright. After graduating from junior high school, he worked hard to become a factory owner from an ordinary migrant worker. He was usually very friendly to workers

"so as to regulate all parts in real time. My brother has three children, the eldest son is 14 years old, and two daughters aged 7 and 1. Our father died early, and my grandfather in his 90s has always been the responsibility of my brother." Ding Xiangyang's sister said, "now that my brother is gone, what can I do about the old and young..." official notification

the double wounded died

the cause of the accident is under investigation

Qishi town government reported that at 14:18 on December 20, the command center of the municipal fire brigade received an alarm: a fire broke out in xialang village of the town to Yixing furniture factory in Ding Industrial Zone. The detachment command center immediately dispatched 15 fire engines and 67 commanders and fighters from Qishi, Shipai, Hengli and other towns to the scene for rescue, and the town leaders and public security, fire control, medical and other departments also went to deal with it immediately. At 15:05, the fire was under control; At 17:15, the fire was completely extinguished

when clearing the fire, two seriously injured people were searched and rescued on the fifth floor and immediately sent to the hospital for rescue. In the early morning of December 21, the two seriously injured persons Ding Xiangyang (male, 36 years old, Han nationality, from Shaodong county, Hunan Province) and Mei Yingkun (male, 46 years old, Han nationality, from Xinyang County, Henan Province) died after ineffective rescue

at present, the specific property losses are being further verified, and the cause of the accident is being further investigated

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