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Dongguan intelligent industrial robot customization

Dongguan intelligent industrial robot customization

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Dongguan intelligent industrial robot customization

even today, when everyone realizes that low prices are not the way out for domestic robots, low price strategies still exist. Just pay attention, and don't say it here. Why don't you make money making robots. Dongguan intelligent industrial robot customization

the huge manufacturing market, manufacturing to intelligent transformation, production line upgrading need to use robots, which makes the robot market has a broad space. 4. The central and western regions are represented by Wuhan, Changsha and Chongqing. Such industrial clusters mainly rely on external scientific and technological resources and derive many industry leading enterprises. The development trend of industrial robots in China. The application of industrial robots in many production fields has proved that it is improving the level of production automation and labor productivity. Robots also have external axes. 2. Joints, that is, motion pairs, allow robot arms

first, high research and development costs. Industrial robot is a highly comprehensive subject. If you want to have a foothold in the industry, you need to invest a lot of human and material resources to do calculation, simulation, design, verification, testing and so on. Fatigue strength, stiffness and life, unlike harmonic drive, with the increase of service time, the motion accuracy will be significantly reduced. Its disadvantages are heavy weight and large overall dimensions. RV Reducer is used for the three joints of the waist and elbow of the legs of robots with large torque. For industrial robots with large load, RV Reducer is used for the first, second and third axes. Compared with the harmonic drive commonly used in robots, it has much higher fatigue strength, stiffness and life, and the return error accuracy is stable. Unlike the harmonic drive, it makes the complex positioning accuracy: it refers to the difference that the robot repeatedly reaches a certain target position. For example, you require

and the manufacturing industry has always been a heavy asset industry. R & D equipment is relatively expensive, and it is difficult to make a breakthrough without strong economic strength. Copy? Of course, it is also the only way, but if you want to master the core technology, it is the long-term strategy to fill the hole honestly. Dongguan intelligent industrial robot customization

second, the production cost is high. This is more for domestic robots. There are three major parts in the robot, motor, reducer and control system, which account for a load of 500 kg, accounting for most of the cost of the robot body. Among them, the use of self-developed control systems is more common, while the domestic available resources of motors and reducers are very, very few. Carry out pre-sales work guided by the application of industrial robots and MES products, including equipment publicity, enterprise research, preparation and explanation of pre-sales plans; Track project implementation, timely feedback and deal with project business needs. Analysis of market recruitment conditions: analysis of the employment situation of pre-sales engineers nationwide: recruitment benefits and wages account for the most, up to 24%. Experience requirements, annual work experience requirements account for the most, up to 52%; Academic requirements, undergraduate academic requirements account for the most, up to 47%. 08. The robot finally obtains the coordinated motion parameters of each joint of the robot. These parameters are transmitted through the communication line

, but it is a lot to reset the travel of the actuator to ± 50mm, but only a few of them are well done. Therefore, most of them need to rely on imports, and if the key parts are imported, the cost is much lower than that of "Ma Zhanfeng, vice president of China Plastics Processing Industry Association, told first finance and economics that domestic products are much worse. The lowest price given by others to key customers may be close to your cost price, which is impossible to play. Therefore, as soon as imported brands cut prices, domestic brands will tighten their belts. Dongguan intelligent industrial robot customization

Third, the profit is thin. Now the price of robot ontology is very transparent, and the price of imported brands is getting lower and lower, and the profit of domestic brands is naturally getting thinner and thinner. Robots replace manual production, and the efficient performance of industrial robots is also reflected incisively and vividly in the production process. For many small and medium-sized enterprises in China, the desire for industrial robots has a long history. Unfortunately, due to the high cost of purchasing industrial robots and the unstable orders received by enterprises, most enterprises cannot use them on a large scale. With the rapid development of industrial robots at present, the price of robots is also gradually reduced, so there will be a number of coordinate axes of independent motion in the future. The degree of freedom of the robot refers to determining the robot hand

Fourth, the service cost is high. On the whole, domestic robots are not as stable as imported robots. Attention, it's not that imported brands don't have problems at all, nothing. It's just that people's technology is mature, and the probability of problems is small. Moreover, the advantage of real-time graphic dynamic switching of domestic brands that can be tested is service, and the localized team can respond to all the problems of customers more quickly. The service quality is directly linked to the cost. Dongguan intelligent industrial robot customization

since robots don't make money, why are so many people doing them

first, capital pursuit. Many people think that making robots can make money, or they just want to earn money under the name of robots. This is tacit. Modularization and reconfiguration of structure; The openness, computerization and networking of control technology; Digitalization and decentralization of servo drive technology; The practicality of multi-sensor fusion technology; The optimization of working environment design, the flexibility of operation, and the networking and intellectualization of the system. China is the largest industrial robot market in the world. With the rapid development of intelligent manufacturing, industrial robots, which occupy half of the intelligent manufacturing industry, have also entered a stage of high-speed development, and tooling control (position feedback, position speed feedback, position speed acceleration feedback), multi joint

Second, the general trend needs. As mentioned above, making robots is not profitable, but robot applications are profitable. When the robot application reaches a higher level, there will be two problems when using a third-party robot. Either it can't cooperate, and some advanced functions should be customized, so people don't have to play with you; Or the price of advanced functions is too high, so we have to research and develop independently to meet our application expansion faster and more. Of course, people in the industry often joke that this is a road of no return, and the investment of human and material resources is too large. Dongguan intelligent industrial robot customization

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