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Dongguan Haida drop testing machine helps the packaging and transportation industry

carton drop testing machine is used to test the damage of product packaging by falling, and evaluate the impact strength during transportation and handling. It is mainly used to simulate the impact degree of falling impact in the calculation of the data of Jianfa pulp paper, April group and the National Bureau of statistics during the transportation and loading and unloading process of packaging, and to identify the impact strength of packaging and the rationality of packaging design It is widely used in commodity inspection, enterprises, technical supervision institutions and colleges. It can be used for test surface drop, corner drop, edge drop, etc

the carton drop test machine adopts pneumatic structure to lift and lower. Place the tested package in the pneumatic fixture to absorb it firmly, press the drop key, and the fixture will fall together with the package. Place the package in the copper release belt tension test machine at 300mm, so as to ensure the original posture drop test of the package and ensure the accuracy of diamond, corner and surface drop. The drop height can be adjusted up and down. The key components of this machine are all made in Japan, with reliable performance. A variety of falling floors can be selected, which can meet different test standards

Dongguan Haida instrument is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of testing instruments at home and abroad, and has its own unique research experience in experimental instruments; Its professional carton anti-10 press, tensile testing machine, cold and hot impact testing box, rupture strength testing machine, constant temperature and humidity box, drop testing machine, etc. sell well at home and abroad, and are exported to the European Union, central and South America, North Africa, Southeast Asia and other regions, and have long-term cooperative relations with many domestic electronics and machinery manufacturers

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