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Dongguan International Machinery Exhibition held in November, rubber and plastic, packaging, die casting and Casting Exhibition

the industrial development of the Pearl River Delta is booming, and there is a huge demand for advanced machinery and raw materials. In order to meet the market demand, with the support of major chambers of Commerce, Hong Kong Smart exhibition company will host dmp2006. The exhibition is larger than ever and will be held in two parts at Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center in Houjie, Dongguan. The first phase: the eighth Dongguan International Rubber, plastic and packaging exhibition, which will be held from November 8 to 11, will be held at the same time with the addition of "die casting and Casting Technology Exhibition"; The second phase: the 8th Dongguan International Mold and metal processing exhibition will be held on November

the scale of this exhibition is expected to increase by 42% over last year, and the venue area will reach 80000. About the advantages of the electronic universal material testing machine of Jinan experimental machine factory: the functional advantages of the computer universal material testing machine: square meters, 1200 participating companies, 4000 booths. Dongguan Machinery Industry Association and Japan Plastics Machinery Industry Association will strongly support and jointly participate as one of the sponsors and overseas support units respectively

this exhibition is the largest exhibition of plastic, mold, metal processing, packaging and automation equipment in South China, which matches the characteristics of the industry in South China. All kinds of exhibits will be smelted in one furnace. The most advanced mechanical equipment, technology and materials from all over the world will be exhibited, which will make visitors refreshing. Other exhibits include precision injection molding machine, machining center, metal processing equipment, spark machine, bottle blowing machine, ejector, die casting machine, automatic components, oil pressure, pneumatic, mold steel, plastic raw material, a kind of electric pole material made of new composite materials, chemical and raw materials, aluminum alloy, lubrication extruder as critical processing equipment, lubricating oil, ultrasonic welding machine, packaging, printing materials and equipment, surface treatment equipment Motors, air compressors, hardware tools, shelves, molding, metal and plastic products processing services, etc. (Zheng Jianxin)

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