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Dongguan famous furniture exhibition will invest 10million yuan for overseas promotion

Dongguan famous furniture exhibition will invest 10million yuan for overseas promotion of the function and characteristics of rubber bearing compression shear testing machine

September 10, 2015

[China paint information] the 34th famous furniture exhibition has just come to an end. Yesterday, the Organizing Committee of the famous furniture exhibition announced that it would invest 10million yuan in overseas publicity and promotion. It is scheduled to kick off the global publicity from the Brazilian furniture exhibition in October this year, and implement the joint promotion invitation of twelve overseas furniture exhibitions in Kuwait, Cologne, Gaofeng, Milan, Tokyo, Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, Melbourne, Chicago and Johannesburg. Accordingly, China furniture overseas exhibition alliance was established to carry out the specific work of attracting and organizing exhibitions

famous furniture exhibition pays more and more attention to the diversity of design elements

taking stock of the highlights of this exhibition, it is not difficult to find that this creative design exhibition has broken the traditional mode, extending from indoor closed display to outdoor open display, and from simple furniture design to space and life display. 2 Online prompt "the failure of opening equipment extends from hard to soft. This creative design exhibition brings together excellent design institutions in product design, space design, graphic design, lighting design, soft fitting accessories, photography and other aspects, showing a trend of diversified development.

"In the past, we blindly pursued the manufacture of products and ignored the value of design. Now we are beginning to wake up. We can notice that the design displayed in hall 7 has become much more mature and the products have a certain depth." Chen Junwei, general manager of Dongguan Weiyang Decoration Design Co., Ltd., said, "a good design will provide a greater added value for commodities and businesses."

the exhibition scale of creative design works reached 3000 square meters, covering fashion creative design products such as civil home, office space, outdoor, jewelry, home textiles, etc. For example, the works of president Wu Haiyan of the Academy of art and design of the Chinese Academy of fine arts were exhibited for the first time in the domestic home furnishing exhibition, and the works of Jin Wen, the only national Yunjin arts and Crafts Master and representative inheritor of the national non material cultural heritage, were exhibited at the national ceremony level. In addition, institutions and individuals such as Rococo, ye Zhirong, Zhang Junjie, Ben, Ruyi and so on required small-sized works of fixtures, as well as winning the red dot award, if design award The works of idea international top awards and other important awards have also appeared, and the works of many cutting-edge designers have also been exhibited. Yu Xinmiao, general manager of CHUANGMEI creative design company, said that the products and works seen in this exhibition are very deep, and he hoped to increase the area of the design exhibition area in the future, so that the design could go in the direction of home lifestyle, so as to improve the taste and height of the exhibition

opening a soft decoration customization Hall presents the most popular customization trend

in addition, in order to enable professional buyers and designers to quickly connect with customization enterprises, this exhibition also specially opened a soft decoration customization hall integrating home accessories, customized furniture and outdoor furniture. Through this platform, home accessories, customized furniture and design forces are integrated, which enhances the ability of enterprises to adapt to market demand

Mingshu, a local enterprise in Dongguan, specializes in high-end villa furniture for many years and displays its high-end customized products at the famous furniture exhibition for the first time. According to Chen Guangpei, the managing director, Mingshu is customized as a brand manufacturer and plans to recruit 20 agents across the country. He said that the reception rate of the exhibition was very high. By the morning of the third day of the exhibition, dozens of cooperative customers had been identified, far exceeding the expected goal

in addition to Panel Furniture Customization, exhibitors such as Sihai launched solid wood furniture customization. Including customizable furniture, cloakroom, kitchen and bathroom, study, locker, sliding door, wall, floor, stair space, soft decoration system and other ten systems. However, many people in the industry believe that the well-known software brand gujia home furnishing shocked the launch of 3D printing sofa in this autumn exhibition, and also brought customized products such as wardrobe, cabinet and wall cabinet. Whether it is panel, solid wood or soft furniture customization, they are all presented in this furniture exhibition. It can be said that the most popular customization trend is displayed here, which also leads to the new trend of the home furnishing industry

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