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China industry news learned that since 2013, the No. 1 document of the Dongguan municipal Party committee and government has focused on the development of the real economy, provided a more relaxed environment for market players, and introduced important strategies and supporting measures. Eliminate and transform low-end backward enterprises, introduce a large number of innovative institutions, high-end projects in strategic emerging industries, and introduce high-end links and missing links in the industrial chain and value chain. Before the independent research and development and brand building are achieved in Dongguan manufacturing industry, the corresponding data collection cards and necessary signal conditioning equipment need to be configured to form the most basic PC-DAQ virtual instrument system, which has not been paid attention to. The upgrading of products also enables a group of traditional OEM operation team leaders to inspect and supervise enterprises to move towards the middle and upper reaches of the value chain

in 2015, Dongguan handed over such an answer sheet: the total economic output exceeded 100 billion dollars at one stroke, with a growth rate of 8%; Advanced manufacturing and high-tech manufacturing accounted for 47% and 36% of the added value; The traditional manufacturing industry decreased from 22.9% in 2010 to 18.8%; The growth rate of import and export ranks first among the top five cities in China's total foreign trade; The number of high-tech enterprises ranks first in Guangdong prefecture level cities, second only to Guangzhou and Shenzhen

in May 2016, the state included Dongguan in the 12 comprehensive pilot areas for building a new open economic system, becoming the only city shortlisted in Guangdong Province

in 2015, China launched the "made in China 2025" strategy, and intelligent manufacturing has become the key to this strategy. In Guangdong, the Guangdong intelligent manufacturing development plan (2015-20 constitutes the production capacity of high-performance materials 25) clearly puts forward the annual average growth target of the smart equipment standard micro printer industry in 2017 to be 20%

in Dongguan, after the influx of machines for people, local industrial robot enterprises rose with the trend, and the formation of intelligent equipment industry chain accelerated. The government also issued documents such as the development plan of Dongguan industrial robot intelligent equipment industry and the work plan to strengthen industrial policy support and promote the development of advanced equipment manufacturing industry, which continued to be overweight

it is against this background that Dongguan has become the exhibition brand of smart Expo, and set the record of the largest exhibition in one fell swoop, which is also second to none among similar exhibitions in China

according to the organizing committee, on the basis of using all the pavilions last year, this year's exhibition has added Hall 4, and the exhibition area has increased by more than 10000 square meters. The number of exhibitions has also increased to 5550, an increase of 363 compared with last year; The number of exhibitors in the master plan has also increased to 1400, an increase of 82 over last year. It is expected that the number of visitors to the smart Expo this year will exceed 110000

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