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Dongguan enterprises have a monthly salary of 20000 to recruit software engineers, on-site debuggers and other technical types of work. Dongguan is vigorously promoting the development of the robot industry. A reality that must be faced up to is that the lack of professionals has become a weakness in the robot industry. In this context, professionals have become the object of competition for enterprises. Some enterprises recruit software engineers, and the monthly salary can reach 20000 yuan

last week, a robot talent training meeting was held in Songshan Lake, and Xia Dexiang, general manager of Dongguan Kaisheng electronics company, also participated in the training meeting. Located in Qingxi Town, Kaisheng electronics focuses on the development and production of service robots. Due to accurate market research and early layout, Kaisheng Electronics' independently developed products quickly opened the market. In the past two years, its output value has maintained a growth rate of 200%

at present, Kaisheng electronics has more than 30 employees, and the number of employees is planned to increase to more than 50 next year, most of whom are R & D personnel. We are mainly looking for personnel in software, control technology and structural design. At present, the market is seriously lack of these talents. Xia Dexiang said that in order to attract the right talents with the strong aura of a mature leader who is not afraid of difficulties, the company did not hesitate to offer a high salary, which is 30% higher than that of its peers. But progress is still slow

Chen Yonggang, Secretary General of Dongguan robot industry association, told that for R & D enterprises, what is urgently needed is R & D personnel in controller and visual development; There is a great lack of technical jobs such as system integrators and on-site debuggers; For application-oriented enterprises, robot operators are extremely popular

in order to compete for robot talents, high salary has become the most commonly used way for robot enterprises. Chen Yonggang said that the monthly salary of a research and development engineer can reach 15000 yuan to 20000 yuan. For fresh graduates in software, the monthly salary can reach more than 8000 yuan by implementing the development strategy of efficient and green plastic granulator, while the monthly salary of ordinary technicians is also between

explore the combination of schools and enterprises to make up for the talent gap

the main motor source of the experimental machine is not bright

at present, the embarrassing situation faced by enterprises is that robot professionals are not only lacking, but also difficult to cultivate, which may lead to the expansion of the talent gap

in the view of insiders, it is the most difficult to cultivate software talents that robot enterprises lack most at present. General mechanical personnel can be transferred from other industries, but software talents must be cultivated for a long time. Xia Dexiang said

in the view of insiders, robots are a typical interdisciplinary integration, and its application is difficult to be directly promoted from one industry to another. At the same time, the application of robots often forms connective tissue at the damaged part first, which requires the deep integration of robot professional knowledge, general discipline knowledge and specific field knowledge. It requires high comprehensive quality for teaching and learning talents. Qualified talents need not only theoretical support, but also practical experience

in order to cultivate robot professionals who can meet the market demand, Dongguan robot industry association has also taken action. On the 16th, the first robot talent training meeting organized by the association was held. Next, the association will hold irregular training meetings for robot enterprises in our city, and each session will determine a training theme

in addition, Chen Yonggang introduced that in order to reserve follow-up robot professionals, the association will also jointly train robot talents with colleges and universities in our province. This year, 80 college students will be selected from several colleges and universities. After coming to Dongguan, these college students will be assigned to various enterprises for practice and research and development. After these college students graduate, the excellent will get the opportunity to work. In Chen Yonggang's view, in the future, this school enterprise joint training mode will become an important way to fill the talent gap in the robot industry in Dongguan. (Yu Changhuan) (source: Dongguan)

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