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The combined energy of gaobao web printing machine and sheet fed printing machine

German printing enterprise advchocoder is a service provider that undertakes the printing and subsequent processing of product catalogues, direct advertising, magazines and supplements. It is equipped with a total of eight printing machines in its two factories in gersthofen and Augsburg - a sheet fed printing machine and seven web printing machines except for the Fritz Haber Institute. Now, the company will invest in purchasing a high-performance B1 format libida 106 sheet fed printer and an advanced C16 commercial web printer

the 16 page C16 commercial roll, which is planned to be put into use in advchooder in December, has the result that it is not allowed to build a demonstration platform for the production and utilization of new energy vehicle materials. The exact cylinder paper printer will be equipped with a sheet cutting machine and a split format paper receiving device, which has the ability to print a substrate weighing up to 250 grams/square meter with excellent quality

the newly purchased machine will replace gersthofen's two old non gaobao printing machines

advchooder, who celebrated its 150th anniversary last year, made this decision for quality reasons and provided a solid foundation for future development. The management gave up any idea of expanding the company's production capacity because it didn't want to cause the risk of having to reduce wages in order to maintain the level of equipment utilization

libida was put into use in August

libida 106, which is equipped with a large number of automation modules, was put into use in early August this year. Although it mainly prints covers and high-quality inserts for product catalogs and magazines, it can also be used for product catalogs and magazines in the market and short version direct advertising products. In order to complete this kind of work, the machine is equipped with a five color structure with water-based glazing device

c16 web printing machine is scheduled to be put into use later in December.

C16 designed and manufactured for short version printing and frequent replacement of live parts will be put into operation in December this year. In addition to printing on a substrate weighing up to 250 grams per square meter (equivalent to 140 pounds), it will also print covers and additional products for product catalogs and magazines. However, it will be mainly responsible for printing bulk mail, mailing components and inserts. The C16, which includes five double-sided printing units and a split format output device, will be equipped with a water-based glazing device, a paper tape punching device and an indentation device to ensure that it can not only achieve excellent quality, but also meet the diversity required by the company. Online color measurement and color control software from systembrunner and Quad tech has been designated to be installed to ensure color stability throughout the production and operation process

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