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Combing and optimizing the characteristic packaging design of HaoMao to create a brand

in the increasingly homogeneous cigarette packaging design, HaoMao brand needs to keep pace with the times and create its own identification features, so that consumers can clearly identify the size of the pressure plate (mm) in the dazzling display of cigarette retail terminals: φ 150 different product series of good cat brand

in the past two years, with the successive launch of new products such as HaoMao (Shengshi), HaoMao (Jixiang upgraded version), HaoMao (Bubugao), HaoMao (Ruyi) and so on, the identification characteristics of HaoMao brand in cigarette packaging design have become more and more obvious. In terms of cigarette packaging and trademark design, HaoMao brand optimized cigarette packaging design according to brand and specifications, built a cigarette brand packaging system with obvious characteristics, coordinated style and unified connotation, and guided the trend of cigarette consumption and occupied the cigarette consumption market with the product style that is being accelerated by unique major landmark projects. In the increasingly homogeneous cigarette packaging design, the cigarette packaging design of HaoMao brand also has more and more obvious differentiation recognition characteristics

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