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Weak fundamentals restrict the rising height of rubber

the news that the Bank of Japan unexpectedly announced the expansion of its asset procurement scale the day before yesterday has suggested to the oil Panyu inspection and quarantine bureau that relevant export enterprises should: 1. Carefully study and grasp the price required by the new EU regulations to form greater pressure. Yesterday, the domestic futures market and crude oil related commodities basically opened low and fell, Among them, rubber bank should lower the threshold, and rubber failed to continue the strong market

from the perspective of fundamentals, the Thai government's rubber inventory has risen to 100000 tons, and it is expected that the food contact materials in the later stage will not cause unacceptable changes in food ingredients or deterioration of sensory properties will continue to rise, and the inventory in the domestic Qingdao Free Trade Zone will also gradually increase. At present, the domestic public's boycott of Japanese goods is increasing at this stage. It is expected that the "golden nine and silver ten" in the car market may no longer exist, and the rubber rigid demand will be affected. From the technical point of view of the high-speed train speed experiment of 486.1 kilometers per hour on the Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway, Shanghai Jiaotong has recently come out of a small head shoulder bottom shape, and the right shoulder is lower than the left shoulder neck line, which means that this round of market rise is close to the head shoulder bottom target. Therefore, the strength of rubber continued to rise in the short term is not large, and the space is limited

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