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After the small holiday, come to the South China International Industry Expo CC

from October 12 to 15, the four-day 2020 South China International Industry Expo will be grandly held in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Bao'an new hall). The coastal area of South China is a place with dense manufacturing industry in China, adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao, and based on the big bay D. the length, power units and display digits are dynamically interchanged. The development of information technology, artificial intelligence, industrial interconnection and other emerging industries has brought new momentum to the upgrading of manufacturing industry and development opportunities for many manufacturers. As a representative industrial network communication protocol promotion organization in the industry, CC Link Association (China) will bring cutting-edge technologies and cases of smart factories together with China industrial control to attend the exhibition to provide technical support and help for audiences and users in the Pearl River Delta in the transformation of smart industry

at the exhibition site, CC link association will display three major applications demo based on the new generation open network TSN technology. Demo realizes interconnection with CC link ie TSN through switches, servo, frequency converters, stepper motor controllers, communication slip rings, IO link controllers and other devices, and carries out real-time and accurate drive control and data transmission at the same time, showing the application scenarios and solutions for the future smart factory to realize independent communication, Help South China's manufacturing industry integrate into smart factories

South China is an important market expansion area of CC link association. On site, we will not only show the latest TSN products such as robot controllers, couplers and stepping drivers of compatible partners, but also show a series of application cases based on the characteristics of manufacturing enterprises in South China, such as the lithium-ion battery manufacturing device industry, It is a multi axis high-precision synchronous control that shows that servo and frequency converter are mixed in the Department's dual micro platform to set up a column of "five years of hard work and major technical equipment achievements". Through the combination of high-speed control such as servo and low-speed control such as frequency converter in the communication cycle, it ensures the performance of the device and selects the best equipment according to the purpose; In the application display of semiconductor industry, it can not only transmit menu data and traceability data at high speed, but also ensure that the communication of control data will not be affected. IPC, as the mainstream controller equipment in semiconductor equipment, does not need to replace its hardware. At present, CC link ie TSN master station function can be realized by installing software

if these are not enough, at 1:30 p.m. on the 12th, in conference room 2 of hall 10, we also participated in the 2020 NEW industrial interconnection and automation technology forum held by China industrial control, Arrange senior technical engineers to share CC link ie TSN on site to realize the world of connected industries and meet the needs of enterprises in South China to understand new technologies

October 12 (next Monday)

hall 10 a8-a9

welcome to the CC link association booth and get closer to the world of smart factories created by CC link ie TSN for you. See you at the scene

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