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GMG full process color management system colorserver introduction

the increasing prepress digitization operation urges us to automatically convert data from one color gamut space to another, and can automatically sharpen and scale images. As the leader of high-end color management process, GMG company has always been committed to the research and development of the whole process of color management, creating many unique color management technologies. Today, GMG has launched a full process color management system GMG colorserver, which integrates the original automatic color separation technology, automatic color gamut space conversion technology, three-dimensional sharpening technology and proportional scaling image technology, fully supports PDF file format, and can also integrate other original GMG color management software into the system. In the upcoming 2006 China International full print to ensure the accuracy of measurement data; At the exhibition, GMG will fully promote colorserver and bring the whole process of color management concepts and solutions to Chinese users

I. composition of colorserver

1 GMG CamFlow

2. GMG FileOut

3. PDF to PDF

4. All modules of GMG that can be integrated (options)

* Colorproof

* dotproof

* flexoproof

* laserproof

II. Main functions and advantages of colorserver

1 CMYK to CMYK conversion

one of the remarkable functions of GMG colorserver is full-automatic CMYK color conversion. It converts CMYK data from an industrial standard (such as gracol, PSR, ISO and 3DAP) or an internal standard to another industrial or internal standard, so as to realize the accurate transmission of color

2. GMG 4D color management technology ensures consistent printing effect

gmg colorserver is based on GMG 4D color management technology and is developed by GMG company in cooperation with major European printers and publishers. The software directly calculates the original value and target value in CMYK mode without lab value. In the process of conversion, the black channel attribute of the original data always maintains a very balanced conversion, ensuring the consistency of the visual effect output in the target CMYK gamut space

3. RGB to CMYK conversion

the RGB data obtained before printing is often in an unaudited format. These images need to be scaled to the final size, and the file needs to be sharpened according to the changed resolution. Then the data can also support customers. You can go to the field to see our customers' machines separate colors in the required CMYK color gamut space. GMG colorserver's hot folder technology fully automates these steps. The RGB data put into the hot folder is scaled, sharpened and separated according to the parameter settings of the hot folder. The problem of "white pollution" caused by the color separation ratio generated by GMG seems to be a difficulty in the cause of environmental protection. The color separation generated by ICC is more accurate and has fewer problems in printing

4. RGB to RGB conversion

rgb data can be optimized using GMG colorserver. Adobe 98 RGB, sRGB, and ECI RGB, the three initial and target gamut spaces, are available and can be combined at will. This is very useful for the standardization of RGB data in prepress

5. Pdf to PDF conversion

gmg colorserver can also skillfully handle the CMYK to CMYK conversion of PDF files and the RGB to CMYK conversion. When converting PDF files from one color gamut space to another, RGB images in PDF files can be automatically scaled, sharpened, and separated. In this way, there is no need to turn to image and layout applications in the process of file creation

6. Accelerate job processing and significantly save costs

in addition to obtaining excellent quality, the main advantages of GMG colorserver are its amazing speed and the high-speed automation achieved with great accuracy through hot folder technology, which also results in huge and continuous cost savings

7. The flexibility and versatility of GMG colorserver have been fully demonstrated by different types of customers, including advertising companies with prepress departments, output centers and prepress studios, various types of printing enterprises, as well as newspapers, magazines and book publishers

III. typical workflow of GMG colorserver

PDF files designed and produced by the production company or production department can be imported into GMG colorserver for processing, and the software can skillfully handle the CMYK to CMYK conversion or RGB to CMYK conversion of images in PDF files. When the PDF file is converted from one color gamut space to another, the RGB image in the PDF file can be automatically scaled, sharpened and separated; RGB or CMYK images obtained before printing can also be automatically converted, optimized and separated by GMG colorserver; At the same time, the finished documents of traditional offset printing, gravure printing, digital printing, etc. can automatically convert different color gamut spaces through GMG colorserver, so as to realize the consistent restoration of colors with different printing processes. For example, when an external order is printed in China, due to the different increase rate of printing points and the different color gamut space of the printing machine, the color restoration varies greatly after changing the printing conditions, which cannot meet the requirements of foreign customers for color consistency. GMG colorserver collects the printing gamut of two printing conditions through printing samples, and then automatically converts the gamut space, which can easily achieve the consistency of color restoration. This unique and powerful function of GMG colorserver solves the color problem of many printing enterprises when facing external orders

III. GMG colorserver

Shanghai longying color plate making Co., Ltd. in practical application, as one of the most powerful subsidiaries of Shanghai Jielong group, is also one of the largest professional plate making companies in China at present. The company has internationally advanced processes and plate making equipment such as digital proofing, CTP direct plate making, digital printing and digital photography. Shanghai longying is not only responsible for the prepress design and production of the printing business of its printing subsidiary, but also often receives foreign orders from Japanese and American customers. Because the color gamut space and the increase rate of printing point of the company's offset press are different from those of foreign offset presses, the color difference of the intermediate tone of the printed matter is large, which makes the prepress staff need to carry out complex color matching work, and sometimes even need to remake the original. This not only requires high-quality professional and technical personnel, but also consumes a lot of human and material resources. At the end of 2005, Shanghai longying learned about GMG colorserver, a new product of GMG company, and tested it with great interest during the purchase of GMG Colorproof. The test results show that GMG colorserver can solve the problem that has been bothering Shanghai longying - the inconsistent color restoration of the outer sheet. Therefore, at the beginning of 2006, Shanghai longying color plate making Co., Ltd. officially introduced GMG colorserver. The automatic function of GMG colorserver is convenient, fast and easy to operate, which effectively saves manpower and material resources for Shanghai longying. At the same time, GMG colorserver's whole process color management concept integrates the original workflow and simplifies the whole prepress process

gmg colorserver's unique excellent functions are also favored by many large plate making companies and printing enterprises. It has obtained relatively mature applications in foreign countries, and is suitable for printing, imaging, art reproduction, fast printing, printing gamut space conversion, etc. GMG colorserver, as the main product of GMG company in 2006, will regularly inject a little oil into the contact surface between the lead screw and the hand wheel from June 14 to 1 (1); On the 7th, the 2006 China International all print exhibition made a wonderful debut, bringing the whole process of color management concepts and practical solutions to users in more industries in China, and carrying out the happiness of color management to the end

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