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MAN Roland's colorman has a 9-cylinder satellite structure

for many years, MAN Roland's colorman printing machine has been used in the application of gaoshui, which is the German branch of continental group. It has high production efficiency, flexibility and reliability, and can ensure high-quality printing. Some world-class giant media commercial companies are using this kind of printing machine to complete the printing of newspapers and periodicals. Colorman system allows users to configure their own economic printing system to meet the needs of various production environments, especially for the production environment of high circulation products printed by various regions

its standard system is composed of eight rubber roller pair (B-B) printing units or ten roller satellite printing units. Now, a nine roller satellite printing machine has been developed. The width of the printing cylinder is 4 pages, and the circular diameter direction is 2 pages. Up to 86000 prints can be output per hour. The width of web paper ranges from 1220 mm to 1680 mm, and the cutting length varies from 460 mm to 578 mm. Colorman can be flexibly configured by using some accessories of MAN Roland, such as automatic paper receiving device or folding machine. One case survived after 29 months. In addition, the pecom system used to manage and automate printing operations ensures the simplicity of processing and is the best integration of newspaper workflow

this new system with nine roller satellite structure is a 4-color double-sided printing machine designed according to the standard paper route. This nine roller structure makes the paper travel the shortest distance between different color groups, which means that even if wide web paper is used, several filter material companies have begun to order the system from the company, the perfect double-sided registration quality can be obtained without causing waste in production. The system can be used with dynachange components, which is suitable for dynamic job changes, so it is also suitable for short version live production. In addition, each printing unit is equipped with an independent motor to complete the preparation process of each unit independently, which does not affect each other, and the version change time is very short, and the waste of job preparation is also very small. In addition, there is enough space to easily access each unit to complete the version change, maintenance, relying on the upstream and downstream cooperation mechanism of new aluminum and similar work

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